Saturday, April 3, 2010

Our first spring hike of the year

I believe we have taken at least a couple prior in what would be considered the "technical" start of spring but this hike last week was the first in REAL spring weather. In the last two days you could almost see the pear trees and our mini weeping cherry open in full bloom!

In the car Z~girl asked if she could bring her book and I said "sure, why not" thinking she would read when we took breaks. No. The child read the ENTIRE time we were hiking. Fortunately it is a very familiar path. People got a complete kick out her when they passed us. I hope she continues this joy of reading. She read the book in a day...and the hubby wondered why I wish he would have found her the full length novel. hahahah

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  1. I love it! Beautiful pictures as well as an amazing child! The love of reading is something to be very proud of. Out of my four, I only have one reader so far. I am hoping Troy follows in Tuckers footsteps that way. I keep thinking that once Michaela gets into a book she really really likes, she'll be a reader. So far that has only happened with one series and when it was over NOTHING. How blessed you are.