Friday, July 31, 2009

Ready for some R and R!!!

We are heading to the beach in the morning...just for the weekend. We are going to Charleston my FAVORITE place besides here in the mountains! Lots of beach...lots of exploring the historic downtown....maybe a ghost walk....maybe a carriage tour. I can't wait. I would be in bed but I'm finishing up some last minute laundry.

Incase my swap buddies are reading....I'm hoping to get the last item/s for the swap. I'm bound to find what I am looking for in Charleston!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

washcloth swap

I'm gearing up to start sewing. I am in a swap with Adrienne from and Mary from . This is my first craft swap and I'm admittedly nervous hahahha. I have a plan but I think first I will make myself one to make sure it will turn out the way I want. Maybe if these bloggers see this they will give me some hints on colors they like??? :) This is going to be FUN!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Grace in Small things

I just realized it has been a long since I have posted one of these. Most of them were when we were going through a lot of hardships! shame on me for not doing it sooner.

1. a nice relaxing hike at my favorite place locally....eating wild blueberries on the way to the top. :)

2. Being able to pay for our bills and get caught up.

3. A wonderful, caring, patient husband....with his family and the client he works with.

4. WONDERFUL grandparents for my kids visiting. The are loved so unconditionally. Gma has been sitting with Z for hour drawing....I never knew MIL could draw so well! FIL and MIL being soooo patient with A~man....yet strict...a wonderful combination. The kids are going to miss them so much! (me too!)

5. ok this sounds trivial....but an AWESOME watch faithful compainion. WHO barked his head off (this is unusual) last night to watch out for us.

the honey moon is over.....

with hubbys new client that is. IMHO he has been spoiling the guy to keep him happy. He always tends to do this with his clients. He is a good man with a good heart. After awhile though he realizes he has to buckle down and set limits. This young man is 21....I guess it is ok to post his diagnosis because I'm not going to post his name. He has high functioning autism, bipolar, RAD, ADHD. He is a really great guy and can fix about anything that needs fixing...knows all about botany...he is really an encyclopedia of knowledge. He gets along well with our 7 yr old dd but I would never leave her alone with him. A~man rubs him the wrong way and you know why? he is too much like him. He is an adult version of my son honestly. Minus the Bipolar.

This week he dh got him some fireworks. He is a bit obsessed with fireworks. All day on the 4th he was lighting noisy ones....every 30 seconds. I let this go on all morning and mid afternoon I nicely asked him to stop until the evening. Later he apologized very nicely.

Next day. DH bought him MORE! He did them all morning and come about 1:00 I had HAD it. I was polite but firmly told him to STOP. Earlier our neighbor across the street had nicely asked if he was about done too. What does he do? He goes across our street and starts lighting them. I looked at dh and said "I asked him to stop". DH goes out there and asks if he heard me ask him to stop. He then says "well I"m not on your property". DH (lol) then says well you are disturbing the peace and if you do not stop I will call the police.

He got all pouty. Well this young man has night terrors and several times a week another worker stays at the other house with him. Normally they do not last long if you leave him alone. Well he tried to attack the worker (a woman) and was yelling at this woman to take him to OUR house because....welll....I won't say it all but he wanted to do something harmful to ds and I. She called dh and he went over there to relieve her and by that time he was back in bed. He was asleep the whole time we are convinced. Scared the CRAP out of me though!

The next day he was his gentle, helpful, talkative self. He did not remember a thing and when dh told him what he said and did it made him spiral down. It bothered him so much what he was trying to do and was saying. He now has an appt with his therapist to talk about it with dh along. I was unease the first couple days around him but he was as nice/polite as can be....just really down wondering why he did all that. Mental illness sucks eh? He is over attatched now to dh and sees A`man and I as a threat for attention he is not getting. He has no problem with Z but she is quiet.

Onto other things....:) I need to finish my's so close....I need to start crafting again. BUT I have been doing a LOT of picture taking and started back drawing(hoping to enter something in the fair)

Today we went to the vegetable stand and the young man that waited on us (jr in hs) asked Z if she was glad it was summer and that school was out. I WISH I had a photo of the look on her face. She said uhhh we be polite. Even though technically we are taking July off this child never stops... she is always looking for new things to learn and sometimes has mama looking for the answers to her questions on the computer. Her occupation interests? Firegirl/entemologist/Vet/scientist....the list goes on. I LOVE homeschooling.

Life is good.....but stressful.