Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baby Girl....

I'm still dreaming. We have played phone tag with A-mans GAL all week. She was supposed to call S's SW. Meanwhile the SW is trying to call us but we need to get in touch with our GAL for advice....

Yes Amanda we were told of a possible adoption situation over "there". I have been praying for "one more" for years. A 2yr old with PWS that lives in a hospital. The timing though....we found out a week before Chris got hurt. He will have a job soon as he is healing nicely but we just have to be certain that all "baby girls" medical needs will be taken care of. As you know we can supply all the love she could ever want. I think in all of this God is trying to teach us a lot. So far he has. It's just hard to think of possibly having that one more child that I have dreamed of....and having it not happen...?

Grace in small things

1. spring rain ahhhhh
2. Going to walmart for seeds to plant, a strawberry plant and some broccoli plants.
3. watching my son play basketball and feeling so proud
4. watching his friends play basketball...I LOVE seeing how outgoing they are with being proud of themselves. Us typical folks should do the same.
5. watching a netflix with the hubby...:)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baby girl

Chris got a message from the SW today saying the birth family loved the profile we sent them. Our GAL apparantly also called but we haven't been able to touch base with her on the phone. There are so many things we have to make sure of with a special needs making sure she would get medicaid. A-man gets medicaid and there is NO WAY we would be able to pay for his medical expenses without it.

For some reason I'm a bit discouraged about the situation today. I just keep praying though that even if WE are not the family meant for the baby that God does find a family for her...and he gives me the strength to DEAL WITH IT. I want one more.....before I'm 40.

Grace in small things

1. Free pancakes at IHOP this morning!! plus we all shared a combo meal. Quite yummy!
2. My local homeschool group...people talk about lack of socialization with homeschooling but seriously I have a lot more friends since homeschooling.
3. A WONDERFUL meal brought by a sweet fellow homeschooler. Geesh if feels funny having people helping us. I like what she said though "I have 7 children...I have had a lot of meals brought to ME"
4. Being able to take Zoe to the dr today and being able to pay for it in full due to friends.
5. seeing my girl decide to be brave....I PROMISED her no shots (her biggest fear) at the dr. The dr highly suggested a flu shot and I explained to him (not her regular ped)...she muttered to me "I'll do it...I'll do it" and took it like a big girl. :)
6. My son is the funniest child on this planet. Today he asked me when I was going to even out the haircut I gave him....he complained he was starting to look like GEORGE WASHINGTON....I was ROTFLMAO!!!
7. oooops I'm over my quota on the list but gosh I am so blessed with my husband and kids.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My sons first run in with the 9!!

Geesh. Guess where he got in trouble with the law??? CHURCH of all places. Today Chris stayed home with Z because she was sick. A-man wanted to go and so did I so off we went. I have a major problem with crowds normally so I'm embarassed to say I've never went to church alone...except maybe in college. A-man went to sunday school and I went to service. I had no anxiety and completely enjoyed the service.

I'm walking downstairs to get A-man and he is sitting by the door in a chair with his SS teacher on one side and a POLICE OFFICER on the other side. The church we go to is very large and they do have security always present and several officers walking around at times. The details I got are sketchy and 75% of what A-man said is obviously a made up story. Chris is waiting for his SS teacher to call him back. I do know he kicked another student in his class (a lady with CP in a wheelchair). Then he was taken in the hallway and he kicked the teacher..somehow the officer got involved...he kicked him, tried to hit him and tried to take his GUN. :( He was also very verbally threatening. When I got there I just knew the junk had hit the fan. I about panicked as he was refusing to stand up and he's too big for me to pick up. The police told me a bit of what he was doing. Then A-man tried to grab the police again. THEN he (my son) said some VERY BAD THINGS. This is a huge church....wait I said that;)....everyone was staring. I wanted to crawl under a rock. My heart hurt so bad. He can have some extreme behavior but it is few and far between. I do not remember the last time he lost it. This was the wourst. My head has pounded all day. Heck I took a LONG nap most of the afternnoon. Chris is on the phone with the teacher right now...I guess I'll found out some of they why's soon.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Grace in Small things

1. a van to borrow until our suv is fixed.
2. it's almost spring...I can smell it.
3. coffee with a friend yesterday
4. a wonderful friend with the same name as me brought us homemade chicken pot pie YUM!
5. I feel loved by God, family and friends.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Grace in small things

1. The sun is shining.
2. a friend from church is going to let us borrow their van.
3. the dog pooped on the wood floor instead of the carpet.
4. I have a box of kleenexes for our noses...we all have a cold.
5. Friends are going to bring us some meals over...such a nice help.
6. Encouragement and support from friends.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Grace in not so small things!

1. a sweet neighbor that cleared out her entire day to try and help us somehow. She drove me to the tax place and the grocery store and then watched the kids for an hour.

2. Getting back a bigger tax return than normally figured.

3. Being able to get SUV repaired in two weeks!!!

4. Children being super sweet and helpful for daddy and I.

5. A very spunky husband that wants to get better and will do all he can to make sure he does.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Grace in small things

1. My wonderful husband who is my best rock
2. my beautiful children who charmed all today wherever we went.
3. Compliments on my charming childrens manners :)
4. Homeschool friends...many who I knew only casually coming to my rescue...others wanting to.
5. family far away praying for a speedy recovery of C

Men (and women) close to 40 should not wear rollerskates....

Lesson learned today. Maybe if I get it all out there I will be able to sleep peacefully.

Today was the homeschool valentines day roller skating party. I decided ahead of time no skates would grace these feet as I have had a heck of a time with my back/neck this winter. (I sound like an old fart) But C?? he put them on...did the hokey pokey...the chicken dance and at the end of the party fell on his knee, hip...then face. 11 stitches later and a broken hip....with 3 pins! I swear I was in shock the whole day. I was on autopilot with God as my pilot. I was in the eating area with A-man....and one of my friends was pounding on the partition saying C was on the floor! I looked over to see him holding his head trying to get up! Fortunately there was a nurse there that made him stay still....the dr later said that was a very good thing. Z was a mess...A-man was in hysterics. The car we drove there in (our other suv is waiting for tax return to get fixed) is a 65 falcon that I CANNOT drive...I'm sure I could but it has an unusual shift. So a fellow homeschooler drove us to the hospital behind the ambulance. We waited and's a small city so A-man enjoyed talking with hospital security...she also has a special needs adult dd that goes to our church. I had no money with me as I do not carry a purse. (well I may be reconsidering that after all these years) We saw dh before surgery and he gave me his debit card. DH goes to surgery and I decide I better feed the kids so I ask where an ATM is.....we find it and it DOESN'T WORK and the cafe doesn't process debit cards. So.....what do we do??? We walk to the bank!hahahah (gotta laugh) it wasn't far but half the sidewalks were in disrepair due to fixing the road. Halfway there I remember I left dh's hospital bag with his clothes and shoes in before eating we find and sound in the chair we put it. At this point the wonderfully sweet helpful (candystripers? not sure what they are called now) kept our bags so we could go eat lunch at 3 pm. Meanwhile my phone is ringing off the hook with friends trying to find out how they can help. :) VERY touching especially because we have no local family here anymore. BUT I miss the drs call....but it all works out....a nice lady helps the scatterbrain mama (ME) find my way to wait in the orthopedic wing of the hosptital. ......the rest tomorrow...I'm tired.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

DH coming around...

I went to bed thinking dh was just not onboard with adopting...I woke up to him TOTALLY EXCITED! He called and talked to one social worker who gave us the number of one that knew more. It's not in the same state and we do not have a current homestudy...could be sticky. BUT I think if it's meant to be it will happen. If not dh wants to get a homestudy done anyway for possible future situations.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I may finally be crazy...

LOL! Tonight someone on a parenting bb sent me a message telling me about a 2 yr old with PWS that needs a forever home. The child has been in the hospital most of it's life as the family doesn't want her. HOW could a family not want their own child? I can see not being able to care for a child due to high needs. Maybe that is it. Geesh I would LOVE one more. We could give this child a whole lotta love. DH is extremely hesitant due to $$$ worries...but if God meant for it to be He would provide. He always has before. DH said he will call tomorrow to talk with the SW. It's in God's hands.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Word to the wise....

if in doubt if someone is pregnant....don't ask. Instead they may have infertility and be fluffy.
This day just HAS to get better!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

2nd Day of Grace

1. We went hiking today!
2. I felt the sun on my face.
3. I just took a bath over an hour peace.
4. we went to a fun science fair
5. the children were able to play outside (no bitter cold) with a friend.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

OK I cannot sleep

Today is my husbands last day at his job. GASP. Not a bad thing just a change...but a bit financially scarey. He works with adults with disabilities. He has the last two+ years and then way before that (with several years of retail inbetween) for many years he was the director of a sheltered workshop for people with disabilities. I like to think I dragged him into this occupation as I have been working with disabilities since I was 20 when I worked in a mental hospital. It was a life altering job...and I was just there 5 months.

We have rental houses and have one vacant that we want to turn into a small group home with one and eventually two clients. We have a son that is eventually going to need care outside of us and it scares me what I hear from my husband. Granted there are a LOT of wonderful people with big hearts working in the field. There are also people burned out with good intentions and not other work choice working in the field. It is our dream to take care of someone or more than one as our job. So we have a couple possible people that would be a GREAT fit for our family but we are waiting for them to get approval for their funding. This has been something in the works for a few years for us...but we are realizing it's all in God's timing not ours.

We really want to make a difference in another families life. :)

Days of Grace

OOOOh I saw this on my best aussie friends blog. I LOVE the concept!!! This week I am overwhelmed. I should be doing this I should be doing that but I'm just able to do homeschooling this week. Major exciting wonderful change coming on....I just cannot focus. But I will focuss on this for now!

1. God is BIG and in control when I am not!
2. I am loved
3. I have a nice warm house
4. I have food and a wonderful husband to cook it hahahah!
5. I can stay home with my kids and be their teacher.

I couldn't ask for much more.