Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Look what the miss and I created!

 On Saturday miss Z and I had some girl time without the boys. We went to a place that you can paint your own pottery. She had been a couple times for a friends party, her party, and to paint a Christmas ornament. For the longest time though I have wanted us to go there and paint some cups as we love to have tea together. When I was growing up I had a mug that had a little frog in the bottom of it. I remember when I wasn't wanting to drink my milk (I was really young) it really helped knowing I could see that frog peeking it's head out of my milk. So that is what Z and I did. We were there almost 2 hours ahahah but the time flew by! We drank a coke and painted. We did not originally plan for them to color coordinate but by the time we borrowed each others paints they did. 

I think they turned out adorable! I especially like Z's the smaller one.


  1. i so want one...these are so darn cute...beautiful girlie thing to do!!!xxx

  2. Those are so cute! What fun they will be to drink out of.

  3. Ok, now you are just going to have to make one more so I can join you for froggy tea!! So cute!!