Friday, March 26, 2010

always the last to find anything out....

I'm angry, upset, and my feelings are hurt. Whenever anything has happened with my parents I am the last person to know. When my dad died...he passed in the morning....I did not find out until late afternoon and it was an accident. One of my sister in laws called to see if I was ok and I was obviously confused. I found out about my moms last trip to the hospital with extreme hemoraging a year ago (too tired too check spelling) on FACEBOOK. Tonight one of my brothers calls to tell me my mom was admitted YESTERDAY. Thankfully it is not over the top serious (but at 82 anything could become) but she has had extreme back pain- stenosis of the spine as it turns out along with scolliosis, arthritis, osteoporosis = a lot of pain. She had an injection and should be ok.

I do not cry easy but I was so upset at my brother on the phone as this is not the first time. He apologized but not sure he understands. His wife sent me a couple messages on FB the last couple of days and did not mention a thing??? Heck my neices that I am close to could have sent me a message or called me. My niece said that her mom (my sister in law) was in the hospital (and going to be fine) but she didn't say my mom was five doors down!!

Granted they are all on the west coast....I am on the east coast but sometimes I feel like extended family not immediate family. It's like I am a bit of an afterthought...."oh maybe we should tell J" days later. Grr. I'm done venting. I am thankful my mom is ok.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Yes the all capitals mean I am yelling. I never yell.

Today started out fine enough. We had a 4H field trip to a state forest to listen to a ranger give a class on products we get from wood. (some were surprising too!) It started to rain so we went under a big picnic shelter and the ranger tried to build us a fire...unfortunately the wood was too wet. The sun came out shortly after the talk and we all had a nice lunch together. THEN we went for a hike. I like hiking as anyone who knows me can tell you. My children (generally) really enjoy it too. Here was the sign-

But did I take heed to the warning? Did I even consider that maybe...just maybe the walk would be too much for the A~man? NOOOOO! It started out allright. Z~girl ran ahead with the others which is fine as I have known this group for years. Slowly...with each step A~man and I got further behind. Then the wining started, then the tears, then the screaming, and then the refusal to move one step in any direction. Well when you are hiking there comes a time when you are not sure if turning around will be shorter or finishing the trail. He was screaming/swearing awful things at me. (who taught him that? some were made up swear words ;) He was saying I was pulling his arm off and similiar ghastly things. I wasn't. When I let go of his hand he had a fit when I took it he had a fit. Then he sat. Meanwhile I'm texting my hubby like crazy as I am wondering if he may need to come rescue me...uhhh ...I mean us. It was out in the boonies though and the texts were sporadic. So sporadic that my hubby was starting to worry about us. One of the other moms came down and offered to give him a ride on her back. (heheeh he is 85 or so pounds) I threatened not to bring him to the next 4h field trip.....I bribed him...I begged him....I PRAYED. Finally, somehow we made it back down the mountain. Here is the next sign. The sign I SHOULD HAVE maybe considered-

Aww live and learn eh? He cheered up at the bottom and we finished the trip with the kids playing in the old helicopter the state park has. Oh and at the end of the trip what does my young man say? Mom I love you. Today God taught me another lesson in patience and unconditional love. But man I'm exhausted!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Flat Stanley is FOUND!!

He was hiding under some papers by the floor mat! So now I can make a photo collage and hubby is going to write a story and get it in the mail ASAP!

Tomorrow is the OBGYN appt YIPPY yeah. :(  It was supposed to be last week but due to ahem circumstances I couldn't have an exam. I pray everything is ok...fortunately I REALLY like this dr/nurses....I have been there for over 15 years. Not a pleasant place to go but it's nice to go to a dr that truly cares and that you are comfortable with. 

I hope to be back to myself soon...this wonderful sunshine should help!

Topsy (if you read this) I took the family to the pie place they loved it too! We need to meet over at the coffee place this week maybe?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I have LOST Flat Stanley!!!

Yes your read that correctly. A friend from Tx had her son send his Flat Stanley to us...this is a character from a childrens book. This weekend we had a great family weekend planned and brought our paper friend along in hopes of taking his picture on the Appalachian trail. We managed to get his picture on the porch swing at the cabin we stayed at....then he had his picture taken with Z-girl and a really cool red bridge... and then after that we went looking for a trail head. While driving I said "could you get Stanley for me". Flat Stanley was GONE, nowhere to be seen! We drove back to the bridge we last saw him at. We turned the car upside down looking for he missed out on the AT and also on going to a maple farm tour. This sortof put a damper on my day which sounds silly but some 1st grader in TX was depending on me to keep this safe!! Tomorrow I am going to carefully clean out the car (LONG overdue) in hopes Stanley will come out of hiding. If not I may have to come up with a very witty story about his disappearance. The hubby jokingly suggested to say he was standing too close to the campfire! GASP


Friday, March 5, 2010

special prayer needed for a local blog friend (alzheimers)

This is a dear friend that used to watch my children when they were tots. She also has a very powerful blog dealing with her caring for her husband who has alzheimers. A couple weekends ago he came down with an infection, was hospitalized and almost passed away. Miraculously he didn't but my friend had realized she needed help caring for him and was looking into facilities. Days later she fell and broke her ankle and now SHE is in a assisted care facility. :( She is an AWESOME woman...a warrior.. a wonderful life story. She is from Belgium. Anyway now her daughter and son are caring for the dad while they try to find a place for him to live.

Any prayers from my friends would be appreciated. That she can come back home very soon...and have some peace and comfort.


I do not talk politics so this isn't concerning our current president. ;)

This week I have felt introspective, quiet, and in a melancholy sort of mood. This isn't like me. This month though I'm pretty certain I'm entering the CHANGE. Most likely it's been going on the last couple years but the GYN has not seen week I have an appt...trying not to worry that it is some other horrid problem...with my infertility issues...most likely it is just a new chapter about to open up. I'm just not ready for it. Geeze...sometimes it's hard not to wonder why that function of my body has never been normal. I will be 40 this summer. My mom had ME when she was 41...I do not admit it freely but was hoping for a last surprise....Oh woe is me. I am so blessed. 

I just looked up the definition of WOE the antonym is my it's time to get over this mindset. Right?