Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tea Party Tuesday!!!

This is something I'm going to try do every Tuesday....Tea with my little lady and a little tea talk here in my blog. I have so neglected my poor blog. But in doing so it means I am more busy in the here and now so that is a good thing right? Now this is not my original idea...I borrowed it from this sweet blogger. Check out her blog as she is a wealth of knowledge and on top of it sweet. (wait I already called her sweet hahah)

Throughout today Z and I planned a tea party for before bedtime. I wish it could have been sooner but with homeschooling, errands and it being the hubby's day off we stayed super busy. Together we made cookies...she picked out some of our cups to use and then she surprised me by putting on a dress and apron tonight! (she rarily will wear a dress anymore) She looked like Alice in Wonderland!

 These are two cups Z and I made this summer at a paint your own pottery store.

On the inside are frogs! I love frogs and like the Fully Rely On God phrase!

We made chocolate chip cookies YUM!! We shared with the boys but they were NOT invited to tea!

We really try with each child to do something one on one with them often. Sometimes A~man can be quite the show stealer and Z just glows when she gets undivided attention from us! Speaking of the not so little man of the house...he was very jealous and ended his night on a very bad note..unfortunately. Being the sibling of someone with special needs can be just as stressful as being the parents of...maybe sometimes more so. Hopefully though she will remember tonight that her mama wanted to spend girl time just with her!

Whoa I did a double take after this one...it looks like a redhead version of ME when I was a child.