Thursday, March 26, 2009

Very down this week

I guess I should be grateful. I have not had a really down and depressed time the last month+ since Chris' accident. Instead though it has been compacted into this week. Hormones really can wreck havoc on a woman. I got my monthly friend and this week I have been completely grumpy and not like my normal "ME". I would have loved to stay in bed all week long...but of course I wouldn't/couldn't do that. So I tried being as normal as possible. I wasn't that successful I must add.

Oh I did have a funny today. I HAVE to see it as a funny. Life is unpredictable that is what keeps things from ever getting boring. I have been telling A-man for days that I would cut his hair when it was sunny and I could do it outside. Well he took matters into his own hands and cut big chunks out of his hair today when I wasn't looking. Chris found it and took him into the bathroom and I thought he was just going to trim it with a long guard on the clipper. Then I heard the shower turn on and KNEW he had just pretty much shaved it on the lowest setting. I wasn't in a good mood at the time and this didn't help. A-man has an off shaped head and has GORGEOUS thick hair....he looks best with hair. He now has a haircut like daddy. Here's a funny picture...I am laughing now...well a bit....with a bowl on his head. The STINKER. :D

Grace in small things

1. Rain that will result in a lot of green in the next couple months.
2. Earl Grey tea on a cold damp day.
3. Watching the kids enjoy 4H.
4. A warm cozy house
5. A foot massage! I am so spoiled.

Friday, March 20, 2009

I love spring!

It was such a fun week. We went to a local national park place to see if there were any baby goats will be a couple more weeks but I got some awesome pics of Z.....A-man wasn't in the mood to have his pictures taken. Chris and I have been going there since we were first married. It is an AWESOME place to hike with easy trails and more strenuous ones. The previous picture of them in the doorway of the barn I have of them at 3 and 5 yrs old too.

We also started making a garden which is a first. We are gathering rocks from an abandoned lot to make a raised bed. It will be our salsa garden. Last year Chris made some awesome salsa with local produce and this year we are hoping to grow it ourselves. We have enough land that we are hoping to build a small area for both kids to have their own garden as a 4H/homeschool project.

The baby girl situation didn't work out. I'm dealing with it. We are going to work on our house so we can have a homestudy soon.

Grace in small things

1. SPRING is finally here!

2. Chris is getting stronger every day

3. Chris has a sales job he can do from home!

4. We also have two potential residents to live in our rental house we will find out more in a week.

5. Aubrey is READING I mean really READING. This is a child that wasn't supposed to walk, talk, or live. God proved THOSE people wrong.

He is so proud of himself!

Monday, March 2, 2009

I"m in a FOUL MOOD...


Husband talked to our GAL about what she found out about the baby situation. It sounds fishy. Like they are not telling all about the situation. The substidy for adopting is the same for a typical dev child is the same for a child with special needs. We are SO not in it for money...we want to make sure the childs needs are taken care of...that's it. If we took guardianship of her it would provide for her extra needs. I haven't given up completely. It's in Gods hands...I just pray SOMEONE even if it isn't us can bring her into their home and love her like every child deserves to be loved AND provide for her extra needs.