Sunday, April 18, 2010

I admit...I am a packrat...

Does that go along with creativity? Can I use that excuse?? ;) Well I've decided to blog about it to keep me accountable. My BFF from High School is visiting us the last weekend in May. This is the wonderful friend/family we visited at Thanksgiving. I am sooo excited/nervous/anxious/ get the point. Her house? Well she's a dr and her hubby is an AF the house is NICE, decorated perfectly, and very clean. She has help though. ;)

I'm not envious (well maybe a bit on how orderly and decorated it is) as we have a really nice home too. Only I do not have much help (hubby and big T do mow/weedeat) and we have some major things we need to have done. Our deck is in desperate need of being overhauled and we also need a new liner for our above ground pool,and we need a new roof. Last year it waited as did anything that needed $$ with hubbies broken hip. It will get done...gradually...but that is not what this blog entry was supposed to be without. I am offtrack which happens easily.

I have decided in the next 4-5 weeks to declutter the house top to bottom excluding the garage THAT is dh's. Now my friend Topsy KNOWS I wanted to do this in Jan...I DID do well starting off but got off track way before completion. ;)  So I ran off a calender for the rest of April and May designating where I would be focussing each day. Today I also typed up A and Z's goals for the rest of the spring for help me keep them on task for what I want to accomplish.

I'm also hoping to get some pictures and art up on the walls also. I already started on something for the entryway. I have used my painted papers on the matte portion of a picture (that I took) that was already up there. The problem is...I cannot find the photo now.....thus my need for an overhaul. Can you say ADD mama?


  1. I can so relate to the clutter (and ADD for that matter). Best of luck to you as you declutter =)

  2. I was thinking the same thing. Then I messed up and bought more stuff from a flea market. I think I will chalk it up to the creativity thing too.

  3. Good luck. I need to do some decluttering myself.

  4. Oh, my good friend and neighbor is like that. I never want to let her in the door. I finally had to stop making excuses... it's just not me! I did a Beth Moore study and I remember she said, "It's hard being a woman in another woman's shadow." I realized that I just had to get out of her shadow. We just need to make our own:)

    I think the list is a great idea. I am excited to see how it goes. Just don't get down on yourself if you have to let something go. You are a busy mom!

    Also, I think it is cool that you are displaying your papers as art! Bravo!