Wednesday, April 21, 2010

what does a mama do?

Almost every Wednesday afternoon A~man goes to his favorite place on earth. Church. He has a "helper" and he gets to visit the special populations class. This is a wonderful day placement class for adults with disabilities that have aged out of school. A couple of these peeps I had as preschoolers when I was a teacher. (oh that makes me feel old) A~man is at a highter level than most of these and loves to go and help and socialize. He also eats dinner there. On rare occasions he goes and listens to the band practice for the teen service...they even let him play the drums. (in practice)

Today we went for a walk, did school, and hung out with hubby as he had the daytime off. Normally A~man gets a nap...but not today. I guess he was ornery, kicking, hitting, and *gulp* swearing. (his swearing is pretty mild usually involves phrases using $hit...but non the less not appropriate anywhere let alone CHURCH! He also quite proudly told me when he got home that he bit his helper....I haven't had this in a long long time. So when he go home (7) I had him take a bath and go to bed. He will also lose out on hanging out with helper (that he LOVES) on Friday which ultimately means more work for me. But that is how the cookie crumbles sometimes I 'spose.

Tomorrow is going to be insanely busy day. Somehow I need to fit in Drama club, watching a friend at the special olympics, 4/H and soccer practice. Followed by date night. I think I will have to cut out something tomorrow but it won't be date night! :^)


  1. What does a mama do?? Have FUN at her date night, I hope!!! Enjoy, you busy lady, you! It was good to see you today...twice, even!!

  2. It was a good day even though I didn't cut anything out. I left my phone at home and when I got home I accidently called you instead of retrieving my messages. So sorry. It was good to see you guys too! I will call in the morning.