Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How I became mom to my miracle PWS son part II...

So we got back from our mini weekend springs...massage...relaxin. God was just gearing us up for our next adventure! They kept flip flopping him from the hospital to back with his bio family. He originally (and finally) was taken away from bio family due to medical neglect. When he was born he spent 3 months in the hospital...then he went home with his biomom. She also has did the father so they were not capable of taking care of a medically fragile child. There are more details but that would be a novel seriously. He came to us the last weekend in Feb 2000. He came with a SW...her supervisor...a nurse to train us on tube feeding...another person to train us on the apnea monitor and C pap( I think that is what it was called it has been years) machine for when he slept. He was 4.5 months old. He sat there in his car carrier and I remember looking down at him...did he smile at me adoringly? hahahah no he rolled his eyes, turned his head and went to sleep. :)

It was a crash course even though both of us had some training. His crib was in our bedroom and it was like a disco with his feeding machine clicking and his apnea monitor flashing. His care completely took over my (and hubbys) life...I only admit this now but I stayed so busy with his needs, drs appts, DSS visits with the birth mom that I rarily remembered to eat and got REALLY skinny. That is when I realized- in order to take care of a child you must take care of yourself...... more later. (this is a crazy month!) I may even find a bitty picture of him for next time.

Monday, May 17, 2010

How I became mom to my PWS miracle boy part 1

I have searched my blog and cannot find where I have told the complete story of how we became parents. It may be there excuse me if this is a repeat. ;)

Let me summarize just a bit...the journey to parenthood was a long one. The hubby and I have been married 19 years at the end of this month. I was almost 21 when we got hitched. When I was 23 I had a misscarriage at 8 weeks, that started the infertility battle. About 5 years later I had a laporoscopy and endoscopy that found severe Endometriosis. They lazered it off. It came back and can be very painful. I had/have it in places you cannot imagine.I had a few IUI's that were unsuccessful. I was told I could not become pregnant without invitro which financially was not an option. 1999 we decided to pursue foster care. We wanted a BABY. We were told that not many babies were ever available. We finished our liscensing in January...we were called the beginning of Feb about a baby boy with special needs. He needed placement immediately. We had overnight plans that we kept...little did we know that would be the last ALONE overnight we spent until ...well the present. But very worthwhile...more tomorrow. :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

two buddies unite!

Today we were getting in the car to leave the library and I look out my window and see A~mans best buddy from preschool. (what 5-6 years ago?) This little boy C also has PWS. I wish I had a video of their reunion. Before I could stop him he jumped out of the car and yelled "C!!!!) and then C was just as excited! They have seen each other maybe  3-4 times since preschool. They were like huggable magnets drawn together. It is hilarious and endearing all at the same time. They kept hugging each other putting there arm around the other....I told the mom that her/his phone number was still on my fridge. I intend to call it this summer. C is not on growth hormone I found out so I was shocked that he was taller than my tall A~man! He is also a lot heavier than A~man but such a handsome engaging boy that reminds me so much of my son!

I have neglected my blog. This is a crazy month and I still have yet to schedule the required HS testing. Ugggg. This is not normally something I worry about but maybe a few weeks a year. We have to do the Woodcock Johnson (I think that is the name) as A~mans reading isn't up to doing other kinds of testing. I will not stress I will not stress...Next weekend is a play the kids are a lot of loose ends to tie up this month.

Also two weeks till my BFF from high school comes! I am so excited!! I have been a decluttering fool! We even rented a dumpster to work on the garage....get rid of the old pool liner from our above ground pool...and a couple other larger things. The house is really shaping up and I love the feeling!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

This is what it is all about....isn't it???

Our neighbor lady called the kids over to her yard. When they came back I found these two sweet children at my door saying HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! I'm a lucky mama. Thank you God for my two wonderful blessings.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

rough afternoon/evening...

I won't go into the details. All about impulse control and finding stuff and putting it in his pocket to cause mama a few new gray hairs. So hard to let go....allow a child with impulse issues to BE yet to keep them and those around them safe. Just beating myself up a bit....and thanking God for extra guardian angels. I wish I had an extra set of eyes.

Very hard to childproof at 10. You put up the obvious but still...