Thursday, June 25, 2009

oh what a night....

I will only put this in my where else I go online...although I have awesome online friends. Unless a person has been around such things as mental illness, developmental disabilities, autism, prader-willi stories would not mean what they do.

Tonight we had a date and hubby arranged for someone else to stay with the young man in our rental. That halfway fell through as the lady came there sick with absessed teeth and hubby sent her home when we got home from dinner. Before that and before coming home we got a call from the babysitter. She is a mature lady that has worked in childcare for eons that likes to sit for us on occasion. make a LONG story short...somewhere A-man found matches (not sure where...we do not smoke regularly....maybe in a camping bag?) he lit it. He burnt himself and then showed the sitter. Well she was thinking that she only saw the last two matches in the match book so she goes looking for the rest in his room. All hell broke loose. Not sure if it was because she was moving his stuff or what but he became escalated to a level that hubby and I only see once in a blue moon. He became violent. He doesn't do that with us. She had to restrain him (it was safely) as he was in danger to himself and her...she is a tiny lady.

Needless to say no daycamp tomorrow. His worker there is new and I"m not going to chance it escalating to that level again and him getting kicked out or hurting someone.

I'm thinking of maybe two possibilities of triggers for this behavior. He takes med for ADHD and for OCD issues. Last week the dev ped increased his OCD meds....although we have been doing it gradually. It is a med that could have an odd affect. Also today he had chocolate...and quite a bit. GEESH I am normally such a hard butt about food issues...and the prader-willi syndrome. At 4H they ahd this yummy chocolate dessert and I couldn't say no....I thought awww just this once. IN the past he has had bad reactions to chocolate...what was I thinking???? I have boycotted RED 40 for similiar reactions...I guess it's time to do the same with chocolate and treat it like an allergy.

I beleive the Lord is shaping me to become what he wants....but sometimes it's a painful process...

a mama brag......

This is so thick in bragging you just might not want to read. ;) Z has been reading....REALLY reading since midyear of kindy age. She is now finishing up 2nd grade. (homeschooling) Our library has a summer reading program set up to encourage kids to read all summer. I really do not need to encourage her to read.....sometimes I have to encourage her to go watch a video if you can believe that. She is almost 8 and reads between 2-4 hours a day with no prompting. This amounts to about a chapter book a day. (Boxcar/Bobsey twin/mystery type) Well.... today I wish I could have taken a picture of the librarians face when Z brought her papers back after two weeks. She had twice as many spaces filled as she needed to, to get all of the prizes. So she got a tattoo;), a little bristley toy, a hacky sack, and she got to pick out a new book to keep. Gosh I wish I had a picture of her face....oh so proud and confident!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I really blew it today!

Normally I am a quiet spoken.....PATIENT person. I guess after today I will start over with the patient part of that book I was (and started back) reading.

It started out nice enough we went to church, out to eat a nice dinner, then we walked downtown and I had hubby pick out a new hat and a nice shirt.

I need to back track a bit. It took me a LONG time to become mommy....mothers day means a LOT to me. This year I got back from visiting my mom the day before mothers day. For mothers day I did not get a card or anything BUT we went out to eat somewhere nice. I held it together.....thought I was over it.

Today hubby got a card for the mother of the young man he is working her dad is dying. I FLIPPED. I guess I kept some things bottled up too much. I went off on him asking WHY did I not get a card for mothers day, HE did not get his own mother a card (I did and she knew it as I sent it from Wa....big points from MIL on that one;) He did not send his mother a card or anything when she was going through her cancer treatments. (the kids and I did but should have more) I kindof lost it. I was just so mad that he would think to send this lady a card (not worried about a romantic problem;) just the whole principle of it! It really turned into a huge Mars Venus thing and I made him cry. I had reason to be mad but geesh I really over reacted and blew it today. He's working tonight so he is not home. We NEVER fight so I am so upset....I partly blame my PMDD. I only get it bad 4 or 5 times a year but's in full force and I lost my self control.

Monday, June 8, 2009

a side not normally seen....

of my son. Fortunately this only happens every couple months ago but today has been downright horrible.

I woke up and saw him. Somehow he got some clippers and tried to trim his hair. He has patches all over taken out down to the skin....including his eyebrows...they are half missing. It went downhill from there with rages, screaming, crying. (from him not me silly;) I put him in his room at one point and then he started screaming out the window. oh joy...I actually had to call my husband to come and get him for a few hours....I could not handle it...I needed quiet. So I went to bed for a couple house this afternoon while he was gone. Then to be nice my husband took us (plus the person he is help take care of) to Fudd Ruckers. (kids eat free Monday night) There is a big 7 foot wood bear in the entrance. In the past...and today I have to have him behind me to get him past the scares him. We are quite the sight. It went fairly well inside the restaurant until we told him he couldn't have a cookie. (he is allergic to peanuts) On the way home (30 min drive) he is begging for dessert.....we say no....he had rootbeer which is a rare treat in itself. Somehow we get him in the house and into bed and he is screaming....crying...

Tomorrow hubby is going to have to shave him bald Monday starts a week is his Dev Ped appointment...I wonder what the dr will think of his shaved head and eyebrows.

I am so tired...not an ounce of energy left in me. Sleeping won't be easy though.