Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What word would you choose for 2014?

This is a blog post I wrote today...well actually yesterday, haha, for work that I thought I would share in my personal blog also.

Here it is the last day of 2013 and as cliché as it sounds I do not know where the year went. It seems like days are often long but the year flies by! This is also the time of year when many people think about New Year’s resolutions and things that they would like to change. There are changes I would like to make but sometimes it seems like “New Year’s Resolutions” can set a person up to fail if the goals are too complex. Something that I saw online this week seemed like a good alternative to that, and could also apply to the upcoming homeschool year.

I read where some people pick a word for the upcoming year. Then they use that word as a theme for the next year. I think I may do this for our home school, although I admit, I haven’t picked just one word yet.

Here are some possibilities I have come up with for my family-







When I do pick that word I am hoping to include it in our home school journey and make it the theme for the year. The trick for me will be picking just one! I’m leaning toward adventure. This next year I would love to do more traveling and road-schooling and making fun learning memories for my children as this summer I will officially have two teenagers. Before I know it they will be adults and I would love to fill some of their memories with more hands on learning, discovering new places. I would also like to start back letterboxing, which is something our family used to do often years ago.

If you were to choose a word as a theme for your 2014 homeschooling year what word would you choose and why?

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