Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sometimes you just have to laugh....seriously.

It was a wonderful Christmas week but it was incredibly stressful for the A~man, which consequently made it very stressful for all of us. No matter how calm we try to keep things there is a huge build up of excitement this time of year. Then it seems to nosedive afterwards because all of festivities are now over. The presents are all opened and it's now time to go back to our regular we do not normally eat a lot of treats.

This results in a lot of meltdowns and crying. A lot of obsessing throughout each day about "what's next?" Time to get back in the routine that not every week will there be something exciting going on. I do try and schedule fun activities weekly, but many days even though we are schooling lightly right now, involve staying at home playing games, watching videos and playing educational games.

Today he about wore us completely out. Hubby, Z~girl AND I. He would overhear a conversation we were having, or hear someone talking on the phone, and instantly think we were going somewhere or someone was coming to our house. (grandparents) If we were to tell him when we were seeing them next he would talk about it constantly (not exaggerating) until we saw them. It completely makes my head spin with the constant questions.

But then something will happen, it always does with him, that completely lands us in hysterics. A couple of hours ago I was reading some work emails and discovered two new emails that said they were sent from my iPod. I do not have an iPod. A~man has one and he had just gone to bed. I'm still trying to figure out how he did it but somehow he had made two recordings of himself whistling a tune and sent it to my email account. It was hilarious! Yet....we do not want him unsupervised on the internet and we thought we had the settings to where he couldn't go online. I do not even know how he figured it out by himself!

I also had a bit of a flashback to his night of calling friends years ago and wondered if he may have emailed the sound file to people in my address book...but only went to me. (thankfully as it was sent to my work email address) We did look at his iPod to try our best to make sure it doesn't happen again. Internet safety for kids is very important to us. There is too much junk out there I do not want them to see.

Well, I am hoping for a much calmer week!

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  1. How funny, about the emailed tune! That sounds like something my boys would do, lol. Love it. :)