Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our children teach us grace and so much more...

Today I wrote a post over at Time4Learning about our day yesterday. It was NOT a good day. (I work for Time4Learning if you didn't already know ;) Here is the post about our day after Thanksgiving break.  Yep, I had a full blown mama tantrum, it was not pretty and I am not proud of it. I was the cause of most of our woes yesterday. No, I am not perfect and will never profess to be. Ever. What did I wake up to though today? A son who easily forgave me with smiles and hugs. (which on one hand makes me feel even more rotten...yet blessed at the same time)

I do want to tell you a story about a restaurant we go to. We have majorly decreased our eating out but when we go out to eat my son has a way of making himself known...in a good way. If you are old enough, did you ever watch the TV show Cheers?

We live in a wonderfully quaint smaller city, but honestly when we go out to eat at our favorite breakfast stops...this is how it is for A~man. Now...keep in mind in public I am pretty quiet and I am an introvert. Yes, I love people but deep down inside I prefer to go in a restaurant or coffee shop with my family or friends and have it be a quiet affair. It is never that way. I'm convinced it is never meant to be that way if my sweet boy is there. This is where the title of my blog comes in big. Who's Learning?Who's Teaching? My sweet son forces me to be more social even though at times it is uncomfortable for me. Somehow it seems so ironic.

Today we went to one our favorite places that is not far from our house. Well they LOVE the A~man there! One particular customer that goes there almost everyday has been obviously drawn to our quirky family. (the man is retired) We haven't been there in weeks except for one time after our friend "S" had already left. A~man had it all planned out that he wanted to give him an extra PWS awareness bracelet that he had. (he wasn't there that day so A left it with a waitress to give it to him) Today we went and "S" came down and sat with us. It was so sweet. I am the first person to be overly cautious with my kids but it is nice to have someone restore your faith in humans. I find it happens more often than not. Previously he had given A~man one of his USA pins. (he is a vet) Later he must have talked to his wife as she had him give Z~girl a beautiful charm bracelet that she loves.

Today he came over and sat with us to chat (that is what people do with us ahahha) and A~man asked if he got the bracelet. He said he did and then said "I thought that is what it was", meaning PWS. Turns out the man in his younger days was a P.A. He was familiar with PWS and thought it was either that or autism. (it's both) This man had been carrying around a grocery bag for weeks hoping to see us there, his wife had sewn Christmas stockings for A and Z!  They are beautiful!

A~man despite causing me extreme stress at times....so makes it up with what he teaches me...and the fact he lets me see such a side of people that I wouldn't if we were not blessed with him.

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