Monday, December 9, 2013

Sean Kenney and the North Carolina Arboretum Host Lego Exhibition Part 2

I almost forgot to follow up with my second set of photos from the Lego exhibit we went to last month! Photos really do not do some of the projects justice. The grand prize winner made the cat below and it's hard to see but the cat is looking into a fish bowl...made with clear Lego pieces. Very cool! 

This one was one of my favorites in the teen to adult category. (well besides my hubby's of course ;) The base is a map of Tennessee! It is an awesome bear and guitar and I think it was a nice touch that the paper beside it told about Tennessee. 

The collages are from a handful of the displaces created by Sean Kenney and his team. These are some of my favorite ones. 

This butterfly was even more amazing up close. The size of these pieces are amazing!

It's really neat how the displays tell some facts about the subject. Such a great way to combine art and learning for the adults and children coming to check out the exhibition. 

I love this one and so did A~Man who loves lawn mowers. So many people walked right by this potting shed thinking that the lawnmower was real and not made out of Lego!


It feels like today was a slow start to the week as I am recovering from some sort of tummy trouble. Plus it is rainy and cold and not much fun to get out so....I didn't. Hubby took the kids Christmas shopping though which they loved! I also managed to get some schooling done with both kids although it was minimum. I made a new spelling list and tomorrow we will be doing some spelling flashcards with him. Zoe and I played a fun state card game too. (Scrambled States of America...highly recommend!) This week I somehow came to the realization that when I was A~man's age I was a freshman in high school! If he was in public school he would be in 8th grade due to his birth month and the cutoff but still, I can't imagine that I have a child that is almost the age to be homeschooling highschool! Where did the time go?

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