Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Summary of My Week (aka "feeling old")

Well, my week that started with the yuckies (no, that is not a real word, I checked the spelling) ended that way too. I finally got an appointment with my Dr...who I found out (sniff sniff) is retiring in a week. He was an awesome Dr. (obgyn, although I went to him pretty much as my primary Dr.) and I will miss him. He has been with me since my early 20's and through all of my infertility journey. He was the first one to see Z~girl, hahah. Without going into too many yucky details I most likely was having kidney stones passing which caused a couple of other issues.This is the third time this has happened and probably if there is a next time I will have to go to a urologist. Oh joy!

This last week my in-laws arrived for that last trip down to finally relocate here. Today we went over there so hubby could help his step-dad move some of the big stuff to where they will be renting until their house is built. Z~girl helped a lot too! A~man moved a lot of branches out of their yard. Me? I felt like a bump on a log as I cannot lift heavy stuff due to back issues (I also think I have fibromyalgia) I pretty much hurt all the time...some place or another. It seems like it is better in the warmer weather though. Okay...this whole post so far makes me sound like an old fart so let's move on...

This week we will be doing some light schoolin'. Slowly I have discovered taking a total break only results in boredom, behaviors, and excess fighting between the kids. Hopefully the weather will be dry enough to take some nature walks and see if we can spot, from afar of course, some animal habitats to go along with A~man's current science curriculum. In our yard alone we can see several squirrel nests (also known as a drey) high up in the trees. Each morning a pair of them, that Z affectionately calls "Nutterbutter" and "Nutterbuddy", wake us up crawling on the outside of our house. I also hope to review some compound words with A~man.

Tomorrow Z~girl and I are going to make homemade dog biscuits for all of the dogs in our life for Christmas, hahah, we even have the cookie cutters! Also, we will be making some cookies for the grandparents (in a different bowl of course ;) and for one of our sweet neighbors. I'm also hoping to make a big pot of chili and send some over to the grandparents as they are way too busy to cook right now and I love to cook and bake.

Here's to a better upcoming week!!!

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  1. We used to take total winter breaks, but the last couple of years we did the light schoolin' like you. :) If we did *nothing* they would get bored, but it would also take soooooooo long for them to get back into the swing we they started back up again.

    And I really LOL'd at your old fart comment! ;)