Thursday, May 2, 2013

What am I good at?

Day 2 of the Blog Every Day in May Challenge and this is tough for me. Is it because I do not do anything well? No. I just do not take the time to do what I do the best very often. What is it? I like to make stuff! As a busy homeschool mom, special needs mom, mom who works from home...some weeks I am just happy to get all THAT done and remain relatively sane, let alone set some time aside to do what invigorates me ...and that is to be creative. Should I add that I need complete quiet and aloness I guess with my love of photography I am able to work that around all of that other stuff but what I really like to do is- draw pictures, sew (specifically without a pattern), make jam, and make other stuff. In fact when the kids were babies I used to sew custom infant/toddler clothes on Ebay and to friends.

Here's a photo of some naturally flavored (and sugar free) apple sauce that I made this fall that Z~girl in particular LOVES

My problem is that I am a perfectionist. Now, if you looked in the window of my home or even my yard (my yard is much better this week though thank you very much) you would never guess that I was a perfectionist. I start so much "stuff" and never finish it.  I often get discouraged and throw my hands up. (oh the joys of having ADD) Sometimes I wish I could just do what I like to do best, and if it isn't the "best" that I have perceived in my head...."oh well". The times that I have done this I have been very pleased with the results of finishing a project. 

I guess I haven't educated anyone on how to do what I do best. The point that I want to get across to anyone reading this is to take that thing that inspires you, drives you, and gives you energy...and JUST DO IT! Ignoring perfection. 

Note to self- It doesn't have to be perfect.

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