Friday, May 3, 2013

Things that make ME uncomfortable...

Here it is day 3 of the May challenge and I have to write about some things that make me uncomfortable. Which in itself seriously makes me uncomfortable. I have anxiety issues so I could choose from a handful but I will spare you all, and myself and only pick 3. 

The first one goes back to when I was a toddler in church Christmas programs. I am VERY uncomfortable in front of a group or even just being in the middle of a large group of people. I do not like having a bunch of eyes on me at once. When I was little it would make me physically sick. Actually, I remember being in a speech class in college and it made me physically ill. My hubby still teases me (not in a mean way) about the time we were at a local street festival and all of a sudden he saw me taking off like a flash to get out of the crowd. So now if we are at that same yearly street festival he will ask me "You aren't going to take off running are you?" LOL 

My next one is an absolute phobia of the dentist stemming from having a horrendous dentist when I was really young. I would much prefer to go to the OBGYN doctor than get my teeth cleaned.

Lastly, I hate to talk on the phone. It seems like this has gotten worse since becoming a parent but talking on the phone while my son is around is impossible which causes me to avoid it unless absolutely necessary. This has unfortunately really affected my relationships with friends/family. A friend of mine Cris, that I grew up with is also participating in the 30 day challenge and when I read her issues with the phone I thought..."THAT IS SO ME!" Most people now know they should text me, Facebook me, or email me. Does this mean I do not like people? No, I love my family and friends. I really enjoy spending one on one time with people or in small groups of people. It is torture for me to talk on the phone. I break out in a sweat. Most people do not understand this though and take it personally. Thankfully my husband does understand and handles most phone calls.

Phew!!  Enough of all that. 

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