Friday, May 24, 2013

Ten things that make me really happy

Day 14, Tuesday: Ten things that make you really happy

1. My husband. Tomorrow is our 22nd wedding anniversary but we have been best friends since I was 16 (almost 17), so it has actually been over 25 years.

2. My entertaining children. I love that even at 11 and 13 they still give me tons of hugs and kisses and still like to hold my hand. 

3. Our dog Buster Slick. He may decide to go AWOL on occasion but the dog is so patient with A~man, affectionate, he hasn't eaten a chicken yet...oh and he loves to take naps with me.

4. Naps. Yes one of my survival techniques for homeschooling a child with special needs is that I get to take a nap several times a week. 

5. Coffee. Anyone that knows me at all knows I LOVE coffee...not just like it LOVE it. However, I am coming to terms with the fact I may need to start to love decaf. :(

6. BOOKS...but that is no secret.

 7.Chocolate. Enuf said.

8. Crablegs...mmmmm

9. Taking a walk everyday makes this mama VERY happy.

10. Long baths and it has been way too long since I have taken a long bath.


  1. Awesome!

    Congratulations on your anniversary! Wow, 22 years! That is so great, Joy!

    Crablegs? It's too much work for the little bit of meat you get. I hate going out to eat crabs. It's too much work. My husband loves them - and is always disappointed that I don't. Haha!

    Children always keep us entertained. The stuff they come up with. Haha!

    i hope you have a terrific weekend!

  2. *my husband takes the meat out of the legs for me usually*SPOILED