Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oh what a day....

Special needs parenting is not for the weak of heart. Today my hubby took A~man to a doctors appointment and then took him along as he ran some errands for work. (The joys of working for another homeschool family! Very family friendly) My husband came back home and told me about an incident at the gas station. Instantly I thought maybe A~man had stolen something although he has only done that a few times at a store and it has been years since it has happened. But no.

He was lagging behind hubby a bit and ended up asking a random man if the moped outside was his, if those were keys to his moped, and if those were keys to his house. These are things he asks people because he loves mopeds and he loves keys. Normally someone will nicely just chat with him for a few minutes or at worst just ignore him or look at him oddly. But no. This man had been drinking and I think must have been mentally ill. He said "What? Are you giving me the third degree?" Then started swearing obscenities at my son and left. He waited for my husband and son outside and continued to scream at them. Thankfully A~man promptly listened to his daddy and ran and got in the truck. My husband tried to explain to the man that A~man had special needs but he continued and actually verbally threatened to kill them. Long story short but my husband called the police and they showed up right away but the man promptly left before they pulled up.

Honestly it has just made me feel so sick inside. I am so thankful my husband didn't physically hit the man...I know he wanted to. Oh, and no we do not live in a large city. Where is the plastic bubble I can put around A~man? Thankfully this was just a freak occurrence. Now what my son said was a little quirky but it wasn't offensive. Thank goodness he didn't say something REALLY bad....I can't imagine. Needless to say both hubby and especially sonny are very shaken up. I think I want my family to become hermits...well maybe just for a few days...haha.

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  1. What a frightening experience for your husband and A-man. Sounds like your husband handled it well by calling the police and defusing this man and his instability! Sending you thoughts of peace.