Sunday, May 5, 2013

A blink of the eye

I swear (actually I don't ;) this last week went by so fast that I can hardly recall what happened. It seems like some weeks are like that and I do not like for time to seem to go by so fast! I have lettuce and spinach coming up nicely and the tops of the carrots I planted are barely showing. There are many more flower and vegetable seeds I want to plant but it has been so rainy that it's hard for me to go outside and get drenched in the process even though I am sure the seeds would love all of the rain we are getting. Me? I am ready for a little sunshine.

Both A and Z are having a blast with special needs baseball and soccer even though the last couple of weekends have been cold and wet for playing ball. Z is also having a blast observing all of the baby goats that are at the barn she volunteers at. She is hoping to be able to see an actual birth but it hasn't worked out yet. 

I am still trying to decide what summer school type activities we will use on occasion during our break to keep up on skills. Z~girl really doesn't need direction during a break as she will entertain herself with sewing, art, reading or taking care of the critters. A~man does best all around to keep a few things going during the summer, even if it is just an occasional word search puzzle. I plan on coming up with a summer book reading list for both kids and I will share it when I'm done. I also have an ongoing pinterest summer list that I love adding to. 

As far as going anywhere we are planning on going to PA in the fall (the joys of homeschooling and choosing when you go!) as one of our nieces is working there so we will be meeting up with her and my brother. (hoping my sister in law will make it too!) Oh and I cannot forget about camping! Weather permitting we will be going for the first time this season with Z's Girl Scout group. 

What plans do you have with your children this summer? I plan to try and keep a schedule for A~man but will also try and slow things down a bit and just enjoy being outside with my family.

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