Sunday, February 3, 2013

It's my blog, I can whine if I want to

If you do not want to read whining you may want to back right out of my blog while you can. You see, I'm cranky and in a whole lot of pain. This is going on the third month of having Plantar fasciitis. I can't begin to describe how much it hurts!! Finally today I bought this little brace that keeps your foot in a position to stretch it so it can I'm starting to walk on my tip toe with my right foot.

Needless to say I haven't been able to walk or hike. Even when the weather is chilly we walk a lot! Which is probably the reason I hurt my foot this fall. We were walking close to 20 miles a week! (on a flat surface) When I do not walk my hip and back hurts. When my hip/back AND foot hurts I get cranky and depressed. Not to mention the fact I have gained 7 pounds from the inactivity that I did not need to gain!! We have been going to the pool often but it's just not the same. 

I have decided I am going to start counting calories on spark people again and stretch this darn foot no matter how painful it is. It's really making me feel old. :(

Thankfully both kids and hubby for the most part have been very helpful and patient with me. I have gotten a lot of foot rubs! Also, it makes me appreciate even more that Z~girl is becoming so independent with her school work. She is able to do more than half on her own! A~man needs almost constant guidance but with over half of our curriculum being online I can let him do context word games, plus other learning games, with me sitting beside him with my foot up or putting ice on it. 

I feel so blessed to have such a caring family taking care of me but I just wish my foot would get better!!
Enough whining. I hope everyone (including myself) has a very wonderful week.


  1. You are entitled to whine! Ouch, it sounds so painful. Sending you healing thoughts for a speedy recovery. P.s. I love the new layout.

  2. I agree...we are all entitled to a little whine every now and then. :)

    Hope your foot gets better soon, and I love the new look of your blog!