Sunday, February 24, 2013

We have some new peeps in the house this month

Chicks that is!

Isn't she sweet?

Z~girl and I have been wanting to get chickens for many years and this month it became a reality! These first photos are of the new chicks a week and a half ago. We have 3 bantams and 3 red rock pullets. We are REALLY hoping the bantams are females too, hahah but we will see! 

I cannot believe how much they have grown already. Here's a photo I took today and their feathers have changed so much! Surprisingly they are all the same approximate age despite the size difference. When we first brought them home I was pretty concerned as one of the big ones started pecking "blondie's" (the one with a mottled black body and a yellow head) EYE! Okay I was very freaked. It was only for a little bit and now they are a really sweet chick group. We've been trying to handle them quite a bit (they will fall asleep if you rub their neck) and the other chicks will get upset when one leaves. When they sleep they cuddle up tight and the little ones will try and sleep under the big ones. (MAMA is that you?? hahaha) 

Z~girl...the proud "MAMA".

I know this will be an amazing learning experience for our whole family and we LOVE fresh eggs. 

This is something I'm not sure we would be doing if we were not homeschooling. Which makes me wonder about the various reasons people homeschool.  Locally there are a lot of Christian Homeschoolers. While we are Christians that is not the reason we started homeschooling. We started homeschooling as the public school was not able to meet our son's unique learning needs. I'm honestly thankful for it, as homeschooling has been an awesome journey. Yes, there have been bumps in the road and a lot of twists and turns. But ultimately it has enabled our family to be able to experience so much that we might not have been able to if the kids went to "regular school". 

For my homeschool friends out there...WHY did you decide to take the path of homeschooling?

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  1. Your chicks are so adorable. What a great learning experience, getting to touch, see, smell and experience what it is like to raise chickens. Z-girl looks very happy and proud. We do not homeschool but I admire you for the fine job you are doing teaching your children.