Sunday, January 27, 2013


(I cannot WAIT to see how many page views I get with that title) You see, unless you are a vegetarian the mere word  "BACON" will cause a person to salivate. What does that have to do with this blog entry? I'm getting to that!!

The last few months I am sad to say my two kids have been fighting non stop. This has made this mama's heart very sad. I'm not sure if it is the fact both are reaching that adolescent age or if Z~girl's patience threshold has been met. They have always been the best of friends until recently. A~man will sense her total irritation with him and unfortunately this causes him to pick and pick at her even more. She does get alone time with both of us (as does A~man) and she had a lot of one on one time with grandpa and grandma while they were here. Yet, still the constantly bicker.

This morning though something happened that totally warmed my heart more than the sun's brightest rays. After seeing grandpa and grandma off this morning we decided to go out for breakfast. We all ordered and when our meals came Z's had something bizarrely green on top. (what it was we still do not know) Needless to say we sent it back but that left poor Z~girl sitting there with NO FOOD while the rest of us ate. Next came the magic words that warmed my soul straight from the mouth of A~man. "Sissy, you can have my bacon." Then he preceded to slide his plate of bacon over to his sister.

Why does this cause me so much wonder? Well, I'm not sure I would share my bacon. Toast? Yes. Bacon....I'm not sure.

The look on her face was priceless as she knew the sacrifice involved in her brother, who has Prader-willi syndrome, to give up his bacon. I should add he did not want anything in return when her food arrived.  It reminded me of the deep love they have for each other, despite the near constant conflicts lately. It did this mom's heart good!


In homeschool news we will be back in a full schedule this next week. I feel we are a bit behind and I need to stop that thinking as that does not go along with my learning philosophy. While the grandparents were here A~man worked on his reading program and I did some math games with him. Z~girl worked on her math curriculum and her art curriculum. I looked at our homeschool groups geography club schedule tonight and realized we are supposed to present in a week. OOPS. 

Fortunately my friend that runs the geography club is very understanding and we will present a different month. My plan is to put a lapbook together for the country I have chosen. If it turns out well, I may share it in my blog. We will also be doing some geography games as both kids need a refresher on continents and oceans. Fortunately the kids, myself included, LOVE studying about geography. Any guesses on what country we will be presenting when it is our turn?

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  1. Bacon? Pws? Now that is indeed love. Such a touching post.