Sunday, February 10, 2013

Homeschooling High School

Now that Z~girl is smack dab in the wonderful age group of "middle school", it has made me think more and more about what it will be like to homeschool for the "high school years". Just tonight I was talking to one of my brothers on the phone and he was teasing about me teaching her algebra. I admit, in my family it is well known that math is NOT one of the subjects that came easily for me. In fact, I almost flunked 6th grade due to math. Fortunately the A's and B's I had in all of my other classes meant that summer school was a better solution than holding me back. Despite this, I think I will do okay with teaching Z~girl math as I also took many math classes in college. If it gets to be too much though I will not be too proud to seek help.

Actually, this last year I have gotten many comments...almost assuming that when Z~girl reaches high school I will be sending her to regular high school. I know God and life can steer you a different direction but as of now I do not intend on sending her to "school" for her high school years. I'm fortunate to have friends, who are homeschool moms, that I have seen accomplish so much until their child graduates and I plan to follow in their footsteps. I'm also thankful that locally the community college offers classes to homeschoolers once the student is 16. I do not look forward to my "babies" growing up fast, but I do almost look forward to homeschooling high school! I'm not so sure though, if I look forward to helping my daughter with her SAT writing as when I took that test writing wasn't included!

I am blessed to know this particular homeschool survivor and his younger brother in real life! I first met this sweet family when we were just starting out on our homeschool journey. What struck me about this young man from the start was how comfortable he was hanging out with homeschool moms! When I was growing up I would have been bored stiff ,ok perhaps he was bored stiff, but if so he hid it well. This young man, and his brother are so remarkable in so any ways, that it encourages me to keep on going into the teen years.

I encourage other homeschool moms (or homeschool dads!) to seek out other families that have already been through it, until their child graduates. The advice will be invaluable and the encouragement you receive will help you continue on your own homeschool path. 

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