Wednesday, February 20, 2013

worn out

It has not been a bad day. But I feel like that puppy up there. My daughter did her school today but my son with special needs did not. Not because he wouldn't but because we had so many things that HAD to be done today. He needs me right there beside him for most of his work, to keep him on track. One of those days that I am happy to say we got what we needed to, done. But school with son did not get done.

When everything was done we did decide to take the kids swimming. This has been something we have been doing over the last several months and sometimes we go almost every day. Sometimes I stay home and work, but today I made myself go. Swimming has been so good for both as it is something both of them are really good at! Also A~man has met up with a sweet girl close to his age that swims there on Mondays. She also has Prader-Willi Syndrome. It has also been nice being able to talk to the mom a few times. I have lots of online friends that are parents to children with PWS but rarely do I run into one in person.

Also, this past Sunday hubby took the kids to swim and one of A~man's teammates from special needs baseball was there. This young man is just a bit older than A~man and he has down syndrome. He is on a similar level to A~man (and likes to swim like him) and I guess they got along wonderfully! They swam laps together. OH, and he is a homeschooler too! I may need to go this next Sunday, I want to "recruit" them to our homeschool group. A~man needs some peer friends of his own.

I was glad I went today but I know the people at the desk probably think I'm the crankiest mom ever. By the time we leave swimming it's normally around 5 or 6...and I still have to make dinner. (although I will admit...hubby does sometimes too) When Z and I come out of the locker room, A~man is always standing chatting with the people that work there. Sometimes appropriate, oftentimes not. HAHA. Always though I am like "LET'S GO already!". 

They do not see the day that I have already had. Whether it has been a good day or a bad day, parenting a child with special needs is draining. No, I would not EVER change it but these people do not realize my son has talked non stop since he has woken up. Sometimes real stuff, sometimes questions over and over, or even just listening to him in the next room "talking" to himself. I hear talking all day long. I am a total introvert. I get my energy from what wee bit of alone time I get between 9pm- midnight. Yes, I really should just go to bed. But here I sit.

Worn out. 


  1. I LOVE you!

    Seriously. I want to be your next door neighbor. And take the kids swimming with you. And I don't even homeschool Trevy (yet) but it IS exhausting. It's physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually...draining just being his mommy. And I LOVE being his mommy. But often it's EVEN MORE draining dealing with "other" people in my life. The ones who I can't talk to...because they often minimize his struggles and my struggles. The people he talks to for two seconds. OR see him for one hour. And DON'T SEE the rest of my day. SAID IT!

    I LOVE YOU and I LOVE this post!

    ...danielle - raising little rhodies

    1. Aww thanks!! I would love to be our neighbor also! It's funny that you said that as I have often told some of my special needs mom friends that are not local, that I would LOVE to have them as my neighbor. I wish I had some local friends that could do a "kid sitting" coop with. I can't tell you the last time hubby and I went on a date. :( We do have a sweet lady across the street that would do it. She has done it about a dozen times over the last 7 years with only one REALLY bad situation.

      It's so nice to know others "get it"! As only a couple locally seem to even care.

    2. Typo... I would love to be YOUR neighbor...not our neighbor. ....bed!

  2. I know exactly how you feel! Now that Bethany isn't laying on the couch having seizures 24/7 she's like the energizer bunny. She talks nonstop and wants me to play the same file folder game with her over and over. I used to pray and pray for her to feel better and now I wish she would just be quiet once in a while. *sigh*

    1. I'm so glad she is doing better! I have enjoyed watching the videos of her. She is FUNNY and yes....bathroom is a common word in our house as well. ahhaha. I need to record A~man and put it here! I sympathize on the energizer bunny. I joke that my son is like the squirrel "Hammy". I actually will give him a half a cup of coffee (shhhhhhhh!) some mornings and it calms him down ironically.

  3. Hugs to you mama! I can relate, at least in part, to what you shared!