Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tricky words

Teaching a child that is on the autism spectrum is definitely challenging. Sometime when learning about sound alike words and how to spell them it can really throw a child for a loop. Take flour/flower or blew/blue for example. The words sound exactly the same but they have completely different meanings. Homophones (that link will go to some fun online games to practice homophones!) can be tricky to read also. When my son was first starting to read I taught him a lot of sight words. Some of his cards would have the word on one side and a picture of the object on the other. This would also be a good way to teach about sound alike words.



I plan on making some cards like this on heavy paper to use for both of my children. For A~man I will use it for reading and for Z~girl who is at a different level I will use it to teach spelling. On the other side of the card I will have the correct spelling. For the words like the next two I would incorporate sentences as they could be a bit abstract.

                                         She blew the dandelion.

                                              A pretty blue butterfly.

I see a game just waiting to be created with this!  I will post about it after I brainstorm a bit.

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