Sunday, September 25, 2011


Could someone please hand me an energy drink AND a cup of coffee?  In 10 days my mama and one of my brothers are coming to spend a week with us! I'm so excited as we NEVER get company regularly. I am a challenged housekeeper so I'm trying to get the house looking spiffy. My mom will be staying in our room as that way she can have her own bathroom and hopefully she will remember to keep all her money and important stuff out of harms way. With both of my kids being older sometimes people forget that stuff has to be out of A~mans reach.  Heck sometimes I forget! My brother (who had back surgery a couple months ago) is staying in A~man's room so he doesn't have to bother with stairs.  Needless to say his room needs scrubbed top to is long over due. Honestly his room looks the neatest (shhh he's much neater than Z and I) but everything needs a good scrubbing. This will be tricky as I will have to do it when he is not around as it causes him GREAT anxiety to have his room cleaned. (but he is so happily surprised when I have deep cleaned it) So I will have to do it Tuesday evening while everyone is at soccer practice. Any prayers or words of encouragement would be appreciated. Hubby, A~man, and I will be staying in the basement. While the rest of our house looks relatively neat (yet needs scrubbed down almost as bad as A~man's room;) the a nightmare. hahahaha! No,no nothing like the show I've seen a couple time "Hoarders" but it's going to take a lot of work. Such a nice excuse though to get the house back in order!

OH add all of that into our normal weekly activities and that's where I will need the energy drink. This week we have scouts, soccer practice, soccer game, an apple orchard field trip...I'm forgetting something. Oh yeah I have put off planning the Girl Scout camping trip I volunteered to do....hoping mid October after family leaves will not be too late to go camping.

I haven't even MENTIONED homeschooling. This week I have a light week of sit down work mixed in with our computer curriculum . While my family is here I'm not even going to plan sit down work. Our house is fairly roomy BUT with people wandering around I am going to keep things basic. I think we will keep doing our language arts and do some fun learning games.  Of course the kids read everyday but besides the computer I will let the school books have a rest for the week they are here. Our priorities will be spending time with our visiting family!


  1. I can sympathize! Our landlord is putting in new flooring to replace our 35yo orange and green carpet. Yay! Right? I haven't picked up the first thing yet to make the process easier. Apparently I am a glutton for punishment. Enjoy your family time!

  2. Oh dear friend, How did I ever lose track of you? It's crazy, but I got your blog title mixed up in my mind with someone I had not really connected with. I've missed you! I'm so glad you to read your post today. I'll be sure to pray for some REST for you! And that all will go well with the room cleaning. I just love the photo of you and the kids! Precious!

    How are you? I haven't been blogging a whole lot and visiting even less. Today, I just decided to click down the list..and there you were.

    I'm glad to hear you are hanging in there in spite of the challenges.