Friday, September 2, 2011

in a blog funk

I have so much to possibly blog about but have been at a standstill. I do not know where to start and what to say. It seems like we have had to deal with a lot of social special needs issues the last month and it has made me wordless. (I'm not normally wordless when I type;) Not sure where to start with all that or what to write. I also have a lot of new things I want to try this year but that will have to wait until tomorrow. (stay tuned I may need advice from expert homeschoolers)

So I will just blog about some fun exciting NEW news! Well it's not exactly new but it has been something in the back of our mind for a couple of months. We learned from a friend of a friend of a friend at church that someone was looking for a seamstress. I will share more specific information later (after asking permission) but this very talented woman sells on etsy and also has her own website. She does have another person sewing for her but they cannot keep up with the orders. That is where hubby and I enter the room. The products are simple (I'm teaching hubby how to sew and he is liking it! bwahaha) yet so wonderful. (do I have you in suspense yet?)She also seems very interested in something I used to sew and sell on ebay when the kids were little. The only issue is I am not a speedy seamstress...I need to change that!

Phew. Hopefully I am over my funk now.


  1. I remember those dresses! And tell Z to stop growing, she's making me old!

    Can't wait for the update. :)

  2. When I'm "wordless" I typically just start writing whatever is on my mind...and just get it out... then I never publish it! However, it's get's me jump started into what I want to write about next!

  3. How exciting about the sewing..and I'm sooo impressed that your hubby is willing to sew too. Very impressed!

    Blog funk..what a great way to describe it. I can relate to this for sure. :o)