Thursday, September 22, 2011


I curse (haha) the day I discovered the tab STATS. I must stay away. I have more looks than ever...but hardly any replies. Hopefully something I say helps, blesses, or makes someone laugh. Even you Goth people watching me....snicker.

It's been awhile since I posted about a Prader-willi syndrome issue and what do you know an issue popped up tonight. A~man is doing well with his drum lessons. I cannot say enough about the young man teaching him. So patient. On Thursday nights hubby takes A and Z to church and A~ gets lessons as the church band practices. Seriously my son loves music almost as much as his desire for food. (not joking) Meanwhile I get almost 3 hours of complete SILENCE. This is a novelty. I do some work online and clean house. I love this chunk of time.

On the way home hubby stopped at the store for a few things including flavored waters (the yummy calorie free ones with no sweeteners just natural flavoring) for the kids. On the way to the cash register hubby turns around to see A~ trying to stash gum into his pocket. This isn't the first time, won't be the last, but it rarely happens at a store. I'm grateful as shopping with A~ has always been more tantrums than the average child which I believe is not the norm for PWS. A year ago he pocketed a small toy at the toy store. We didn't discover it until we were home but we called the toy store (small/local) and told them NOT to be nice when we came to return it. It seemed so hard on the owner as they all LOVE A~ they have known him since he was wee. We buy a lot of our home school educational games there. We love this store. I was grateful though that in this case the lady was stern with him.

Stealing is just a part of PWS as hard as it is to write. Fortunately we do not have an issue with it often as hubby and I have both grown eyes in the back of our head. As far as a punishment he did not get the flavored water. When he got home and hubby told me I prayed with him before bed. I prayed for him and he prayed for God to forgive him (which God graciously does and He understands A~'s limitations) and to help him do his best. That is what we all should pray for right? For God to help us do our best.

~~~ for any lurkers (excluding any of my local/online friends although I would LOVE a comment from you too;) I would love to see a new person make a comment. Just to say "hey!" (as we say here in the south)

Oh and a picture for your viewing pleasure of the weather we have been having.


  1. OK, I'm not new, but you're stuck with a comment from 'old me,' anyway. ;)

    Very well handled, as always. I am very glad you updated us on the drum lessons, too, because I've been wondering how it was going.

  2. Hi Over Yonder, I do what you to know..that some kids just get tempted. One of my sons just seemed to be more vulnerable to this. None of the others even thought about it.

    We took him to visit the store manager and he returned the item. He never wanted to go back again. He was very young.

    Today, he just got his first a Wal-mart. He's all grown up but he never forgot that visit. You are doing such a great job!