Sunday, September 15, 2013

This Time is Precious

Today I learned that a fellow blogger homeschool mom passed away rather suddenly. I know a lot of homeschool mom bloggers but when I heard her name I instantly remembered her even though we have never met. It's amazing how hard it can hit you when you find out another mom has passed away. For me even more so when it is a homeschool mom like myself. She was quite a bit younger than I am and leaves behind a family of two young boys. From her blog I could see she was an amazing mother and wife, and loved God deeply. I love her last post which said-
 II Timothy 1:7
... God hath not given us the spirit of fear ; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
We are not created to fear; God created us to reflect his love and his mind. He is all power and we are created in that image and likeness. What stands out to me is how beautifully God's  power created us to glorify him. We are called to share the gospel and glorify him in all we do, I am grateful for that calling, even if it is to only my children at this season. I know that I am planting the seed that God gave us within the blessings he has bestowed upon us.

Our time with our children is so precious. Many of the things we do each day will be remembered by our children when they are grown up. I sure hope the things that my children remember are mostly positive as...lets face it I am not perfect. I hope they remember my soft patient words happening more often than my loud nagging ones. I hope my children remember a happy childhood where they were very much love and adored by my husband and I. I hope they both grow up knowing how blessed I was to have them home with me to teach and spend time with.

On that note I think I may take a day off tomorrow from our elementary homeschool curriculum and phonics games and make some memories. I have mentioned before that I do not have a lot of photos with the kids over the last few years. Well, actually in the last 4 months I have tried to change it but I still am working on it. I think I will have the hubby take some pictures of the kids and I...even though I still haven't gotten that haircut...and I am still not happy with my weight. In years to come my kids are not going to look back and think "wow, mom had some fluffy hair"...or "wow, mom was pretty fluffy herself". Hopefully they will see a mom that loved spending time with her family more than anything else on this earth.

So, stay tuned for some photos this week. Haha!

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