Monday, September 2, 2013

Fair Time!

My family LOVES the fair! We love going to see the animals, going on the rides and most of all we love to enter exhibits! This is something that I did growing up and I am so happy the rest of my family enjoys it as much as I do. But every year I say that I am going to get an earlier start on us getting our exhibits ready...yet every year we are scrambling to finish the last few days before they are due. 

I am entering applesauce and two kinds of jam. I will say that I had these done months in advance but...we ended up either eating them or giving them to friends. So yesterday I made more applesauce, I just now finished up blackberry jam, and after a trip to Walmart (eek...not a fan of that place) I need to get more jars and some odds and ends to display the kids art work and the many photographs all four of us are entering. Tonight I will be making Strawberry Lemon Marmalade!

So for today and tomorrow our homeschool middle school will involve things like baking cookies, framing art, and making sure everything is in order before...*gulp* tomorrow evening. I am thankful that it has stopped raining here in the south but the heat is unbearable right now and I am looking forward to some fall weather. 

Soon we will start back up with Girl Scouts, Geography Club, and numerous field trips that include apple picking, exploring a friends farm and looking for animal habitats which will be much more pleasant once it cools down!

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  1. I am very much looking forward to fall weather! Good luck with the fair exhibits, and have a great time! :)