Sunday, January 8, 2012

We started back to school this last Monday. I wish I could say it was a smooth energetic start but I'm not sure anything is energetic about January. It's also that time of year when I start to worry a bit if I have been teaching the kids enough...or if I have been teaching them what they need to know to become their own personal best. We do our testing in June and that is just 6 months off. *breathe* That's when I remember why I began homeschooling. It was almost 6 years ago in the middle of winter that we started this journey. Just recently my daughter has become more concerned about what grade she is in. I never know what to tell her as she and her brother's skills are scattered. For reading and literature the child is way ahead of what the average peer could have possibly been able to read because she has more free hours without being stuck behind a desk all day. She can get her work done at her pace and then oftentimes she will read and her interests are wonderfully diverse. But in math she is more comparable to 4th grade level. So being in a "grade" just doesn't fit us. I'm guessing she wants to know so she can tell someone if they ask. She would either be a very young 5th grader or an older 4th grader.

In the middle of the week I realized they need more fun...not just sitting down working. So after their regular work is done we have been playing more board games, taking a couple nice hikes as the weather last week was very spring like, and my husband started building some Lego robots with the kids which Z in particular is LOVING! (I'm hoping he will do a guest blog entry for me on the robots they are building) Online educational games are also a nice way to shake things up a bit. I love when I catch Z playing one on her own because she wants to instead of because she feels she has to.

Now if only we could get some snow to play in for "recess"! Here's a picture from a previous winter of our yard blanketed in snow.

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