Saturday, January 21, 2012

Learning about Contractions

The grammar type of contractions that is. I did a search for "learning about contractions" on youtube and most of it wasn't about grammar. Here is a cute video I did find!

When I was growing up contractions really confused me at first. There are so many more creative ways to learn facts about grammar than when I was a child. Sometimes a song, a video (think Schoolhouse Rock), or a contraction game can help children with learning differences or it can solidify the information for a typical learner. Here is a cute poem I found when I did a search for "learning contractions".

The Contraction Song

(to the tune of "London Bridge is Falling Down")

I'm the first word; don't change me!
Don't change me, don't change me.
I'm the first word; don't change me!
Oh, no, just let me be.

When you change the second word,
Second word, second word,
When you change the second word,
A shorter word you'll see.

Certain letters are taken out,
Taken out, taken out.
Certain letters are taken out.
One word will remain.

Apostrophe will fill that space,
Fill that space, fill that space.
Apostrophe will fill that space,
The rest will stay the same.

Can't and couldn't, isn't, too.
Isn't, too, isn't, too,
Won't and I've and let's, it's true,
Contractions every one.

I'm and she's and you're and he'd,
You're and he'd, you're and he'd,
Wouldn't, didn't, we'll and she'd,
Good! And now we're done.

There is so much information a student needs to learn that finding a way to keep it fun is very important!


  1. Thanks for clarifying the type of contractions! :)

    And we love learning with music - it's so much easier to memorize things that way. Thanks for the link!

  2. Thanks for taking a look! Seriously I would have learned things a lot faster as a child if it would have been through a song or a game.

  3. This is great! I am going to show it to my 7yo...he loves music. I do think that learning with songs is a great way to kinda solidify something in your head. To this day, my 36yo hubby can recite all of the presidents of this country, but ONLY if he sings the song he learned in school to do so! :D

    Again, this is great! Thanks for sharing!

    An accidental homeschooler who eventually realized it was the best “accident” of her life!

  4. Hey Kat! you do not happen to know where I could find that song with the presidents?

    1. I found this one on YouTube. It's the one he uses. It's to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy. He sings it a little faster than the video, but I guess that's from years of doing it, lol. It has all of them except Obama, but you can add it to the end and it will work fine. :)

      I hope that helps, at least a little. :)