Monday, October 7, 2013

What would you do if you had witnessed this?

This isn't special needs parenting or homeschool related for a change. Today something happened that really shook me up though. On the way home from Geography Club we saw two teens, a boy and a girl, between 16-18 along the road verbally fighting. Something just wasn't right. It was the afternoon and she was sitting by the road in pajamas. I had hubby turn the car around so we could drive by again. He was chasing her. We live in a small city, this was a busy road and I'm not sure if we were the only ones noticing or what.

We turned around and went in a parking lot along where they would be walking but they turned off on a side road. They didn't notice us but I just felt drawn to make sure the girl was okay. I could have a child that age. When we found them again they were on a side road and they were yelling and it was about to get physical. We stopped where they were...they stopped fighting but we called 911....kept driving...but turned around...just to make sure she was ok. He was chasing her...and it got physical. We pulled up and just as hubby was opening his door to go break it up the police showed up.  The guy fell to the ground and just layed there and the girl was sobbing. We left after that but I can't get it out of my mind.  (oh the kids witnessed it too!) I told Z that if that had been her as an older teen...I would want someone to make sure she was okay.

I'm still not sure what was going on but I'm glad we stopped. For all I know the guy initially may have been helping her...who knows what the situation was. (they obviously did know each other) I just remember reading her lips as she was yelling at him "Go away" "Get away from me". I truly pray for this teen girl...and hope she is okay now. :(

What would you have done? Would you have gotten involved or went about your business? 

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  1. I would have done exactly what you did Joy. I think as a society we tend to air on the "Its none of my business side" but I think when it comes to if you are questioning the physical safety of someone ( especially a young girl like that) you should do exactly what you did. I kind of feel the same way- If that was my daughter ( who is close to that age) I would want someone to stop and make sure she was ok and not just leave her becasue honestly you never know.