Monday, October 14, 2013

Are You New to Homeschooling?

I am guessing that most everyone that is on my blog list isn't new but I had someone recently join a homeschool group I belong to that is new to homeschooling. She wanted input on online resources so I thought I would share some that our family has loved over the years.

Time4Learning- Is one we have used off and on since we started homeschooling 7+ years ago. is one we tried out for the Old Schoolhouse Magazine that has made such a difference in A~man's reading!
Talking Fingers- this site has many great resources for special needs learning. 
Xtra Math- This is a free "flash card" type site that we are using right now for both kids.
Spelling City- I LOVE this site and there is a free version too. I like that you can make your own spelling list or there are already made ones. It has games for alphabetical order practice also. This is a new one that A~man has really been enjoying this year!
Learning Games for Kids- Tons of games including keyboarding games. 

I can think of many more but it's time for the kids to start their work so I had better get off the computer. Hopefully I can come up with a second list soon!

Change 3 Challenge @Adventures In Mindful Cooking!

Oh, and is anyone curious how I have done on my Change 3 Challenge?  Check back tonight and I will do an update!

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  1. Great list of resources! Thanks so much for sharing! :)