Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Winter Blahhhhs

January and February are my least favorite months of the year. My fathers birthday and the day he died was in January plus my father in law's birthday was this month. (he passed the same year my father did) February? Instead of the month of LOVE I remember having a miscarriage on Valentines day 20 years ago.  I can't begin to explain the pain that caused plus the years and years of infertility that followed. This is minor compared to all that but I also REALLY miss snow. Yes, we get it on occasion here in WNC but this is the second year it seems to be skipping us. It was at least 60 here today. It just doesn't feel right. I NEED some cold weather even if it is just for a month. Depression just seems to sink into my heart this time of year. Did I mention I believe I have plantar fasciitis so I can't even do my normal walking in this sunny weather??!!

Okay, after reading that paragraph the following song pops into my head so excuse me while I get over myself. < I LOVED HEE HAW WHEN I WAS A CHILD>

On a more positive note both A and Z (and C the hubby) are all doing well! Company is coming in a couple days...that's good and bad as NO the house is not where I want it. A and Z are doing awesome after an almost month long break where they only did some light "schooling". Z in particular is loving her art curriculum and also some new Go Fish art cards she got for Christmas. I love that we both share a love for learning about art! With homeschooling special needs sometimes progress is slow or comes to a halt but I'm happy to say that A~man's reading has had another leap the last couple of months. We have been using Reading Kingdom in addition to Time4Learning and he is doing so well and I can tell he is so proud of himself!

One thing that I would like to start with both...something I have been wanting to do for the last year, is get a creative writing tutor. I feel like this year writing is one of the areas that we are lacking. As creative as both kids are though, I'm sure we will get back up to speed with writing. This school year really is going well and speeding by way too fast!

So I guess, since I cannot currently go hiking in these beautiful mountains I live in, I should sit on the deck and soak up the sun. Maybe I should start planning out our garden for the year that I hope will be much bigger! I should add that the end of February symbolizes new beginnings to me. We were blessed with A~man the last weekend in Feb....we were granted guardianship 5 years later on that same date!

Please send me some snow this way though, before spring!


  1. I'm so sorry that January and February are hard months for you. :( March is my month that has hard losses...

    I also wanted to add that I loved Hee Haw as a child, lol! The hubs and I even taught our boys the song "Where, oh where, are you tonight..." complete with the "pfffft" at the end. They know the whole song, and they've never even seen an episode. :D

  2. TOO FUNNY KAT! Yeah, I know that song by heart also. :)