Thursday, May 1, 2014

Adventure Weekend!

On Tuesday night I received a call from one of my nephews asking if I would photograph his sister's wedding if he bought me a plane ticket. (the scheduled photographer had fallen through) I do not do well with HUGE spontaneous changes in plans but how could I say no? Six months ago I had hoped we all could attend but four plane tickets was not doable and either was driving 3,000 way. Still I REALLY wanted to go to her wedding!

I've been praying for a long time that this sweet niece would find someone.This is a picture of three of my nieces and one of my nephews. The one getting married is in the girl in the dress at the bottom. The older girl is my oldest niece who is just one year younger than I am. I'm the youngest of 5 and grew up with many of my nieces and nephews. This sweet niece S, was a preschooler when I was a teen and I distinctly remember her terrorizing my bedroom with a container of Vaseline and talking non stop with the constant" why " questions.

I also distinctly remember teaching her how to tie her shoes when she was staying at our house. I was/am immensely blessed with MANY nieces/nephews (and many greats too now!) So I am very much looking forward to seeing them even though I so wish the rest of my gang was coming too. I do not remember the last time I have gone anywhere for more than one night without the rest of my family coming along.

Still...I am pretty stressed about taking the pictures even though I was so flattered that my nephew thought enough of my photography skills to ask me AND pay for most of the ticket. I am all OCD right now about making sure I bring everything I need and I'm praying that the weather cooperates as I do so much better with natural light.

I'm also a bit out of sorts because two of my family members I have quite a bit of issues with. (or rather they have issues with ME) Needless to say if a family member is reading this they are not who I'm referring too. I love all my family with all my heart but these two I just do not feel like I measure up to what they expect of me...and they can be extremely hurtful to me and my sweet family. Still...I know that it is no coincidence that I am able to go on this trip and God will get me through whatever is thrown at me. ;)

Weeks like this one, and the couple before this one, make me realize WHY we home school year round and why using kids learning software and online curriculum works so well for us for our family. It leaves us more flexible for the occasional spontaneity.

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