Monday, July 22, 2013

Fun Times with Friends!

Yesterday afternoon was so much fun! A~man's new friend's family invited us over for lunch and for the kids to watch a movie. We have known this family for years as I used to take care of their older children who have special needs before I became a parent. Also, the mom did respite for A~man when he was a baby. But, due to busyness we rarely run into each other. I was completely tickled as we NEVER get invited to people's house to eat. Never. (well not in the last 7 or so years) I'm not sure if they are intimidated by the Prader-willi syndrome or what but that shouldn't be the case as A~man does very well eating out. He knows he only gets what either hubby or I give him.

We do on occasion go to other people's homes for homeschool specific activities and I do admit either hubby or I have to stick to him like glue. Thankfully he has stopped finding people's phones and calling 911 on them. But, he has sticky fingers, and not everyone with older kid has to lock up medicines and cleaning supplies like we do.

But yesterday? Well this family also has a son with PWS and many other children with various special needs so things were locked up plus they had a couple helper/workers there helping out with the kids. This meant we were able to actually chat with the adults without either being interrupted or making sure our son was safe. This is definitely something I bet typical parents take for granted. I do not remember the last time we were able to both be together and enjoy time with other adults. The other super thing is that they also homeschool and do special needs learning. I really hope we are able to hang out more often with them!

This week begins my homeschool planning for the next year. I pretty much know what I will be using. One particular area I know my daughter needs help with is writing. To keep things easy I am going to use an online writing curriculum for her and possible also for A~man. I am also going to get a math tutor for her although I probably won't start that until we get back from our early fall vacation. For now I found a free program to work on both kids getting their basic math facts down. Z~girl prides herself with doing mental math in her head but I think she needs to have her facts memorized as she does understand the concepts. I will share more of our homeschool plans very soon!

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