Sunday, July 28, 2013

A New Homeschool Year!

August 5th starts out our new year! Today I spent the day coming up with tentative school days and breaks. We pretty much do a year around schedule so I planned in our fall vacation, Thanksgiving, Christmas, early spring break, and an Easter break. Even with all of those breaks I ended up scheduling in 38 weeks of school. Our state requires nine months so I figure there will be plenty of time for sick days and mental health days. ;)

Here is what I have planned so far for A~man

Pennsylvania Lapbook - I thought we would study about the state we will be traveling to!
Me On The Map download. He is pretty familiar with this, but I thought it might solidify it for him.

Math- Xtra math, I really want to see if I can make him more confident with his addition and subtraction. In the past he has been able to add and subtract with several columns but this needs refreshing.
Telling time- He has had this off and on but I am making these practice eggs for a workbox. Plus I found a really cool telling time clock that I bought awhile back that helps with telling time by 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes etc. From looking at the website I now wonder if I do not have a workbook around the house too. 
Measurements-Also from digging through some of my forgotten previous purchases (PLEASE tell me I am not the only one!) I found a ruler made by the same company. 

Handwriting? Well this one is top secret now as I will be doing a review on a handwriting curriculum next month that I am very excited about. Make sure and check back!

History- Liberty Kids, Read American Pioneers and Patriots. I'm pretty loose about him learning history and just want to make it fun.

Reading -
Reading Kingdom
Happy Hearts (Reading to Learn Series)

Art- Complete-A-Sketch Drawing which looks like it will be good for fine motor, focus, and a whole slew of other things. This version is specifically for children with special needs but they have other ones too.

Spelling/Language arts- which I love because I can make my own word lists based on books we are reading.

Science is what I'm most excited about as we are going to use! It seems to be right at his reading level so we will get to learn about life science, space and lessons on force.


Here is what I have in store so far for Z~girl

Her main curriculum will still be Time4Learning. I love how independent it has made her! This is what she normally does first thing in the morning.
She also will be doing- 

Spanish- I'm still working out the specifics on this but I have found a lot of free material online plus I have taken a couple years eons ago so I will be relearning it right along with her!

Pennsylvania Lapbook- Still trying to decide whether to do the same one as her brother or a more detailed one like these. 
Math- For the couple of months before our trip I am going to use Xtra math as she needs to be able to multiply and divide...without always trying to do it in her head. She gets the concepts but she needs to memorize the facts. When we get back from vacation I'm hoping to have a tutor and start in with a more formal math curriculum, maybe a text book...not sure yet. 

Writing- She will do a middle school course at

History- Liberty Kids videos with her brother but mainly this will come from her online curriculum.


Science? We will do some hands on activities to supplement her online material. I'm sure I will share some of that in months to come.  

Reading? I give her full control of this as she constantly reads. I am very thankful that she comes to me often for suggestions on what to read. Without a doubt at this point I am certain she has read more books in her life than I have. And I AM A READER! 

Still deciding on Bible for both...although we have always just tried to work that throughout our lives in general...if that makes sense. I am looking for something to use though. 

So that is the plan in a nutshell. That is how we will start the ball rolling.

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