Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer Fun Bucket List Part I

I'm not sure if we will get to all of the ideas tumbling through my head but I decided it would be fun to come up with a list of creatively fun ideas for this summer. Here is the first part of my list!

1. Play putt putt.(aka miniature golf) We actually went yesterday...but I am sure we will be back again!

2. Go to some free/cheap movies with friends.  Here is another place with cheap movies too! If you do a google search for your area though, there is likely to be more participating.

3. Go camping, and repeat.

4. Hoping to get a new liner for our pool...not sure if that is gonna happen due to some car repairs that have come up.

5. I'm going to have Z~girl do an online book club with books by homeschoolers. 

6. Speaking of books I am copying off a list from this site and both kids will be participating in this reading program. 

7. Go to a waterpark...I may take the kids too. ;)

8. Make Z~girl a tepee and maybe A~man one if he likes hers. (here is another one too that I have been looking at)  She has been wanting one for years and seeing as she will be 12 this summer I think we had better do it before she loses interest in such things.

Ziggity Zoom How To Make Kid's Teepee

9. Although we most likely will not be working on grammar and homonyms this summer we do have a good supply of fun learning games like Bananagrams, the Scrambled States of America, and our Art card game that will be fun for rainy days.

10. Here is a watermark tshirt project that looks like fun!

11. A couple of months ago Z's scout troop went to an art center and learned how to make/bind books and made the covers out of upcycled items like cereal boxes. We want to make some more this summer.

12. Run through the sprinkler. I think even our chickens might have fun with this homemade sprinkler!

Sprinkler 9

13. This one makes me a wee bit nervous but I would like to try out Bleach Pen Painting with the kids...outside...hahah.

14. This looks like something fun to do if Z has some girl friends over. All I have is a photo so I might have to figure it out myself.

15. Try out some new hiking trails. I would also like to try out some Land Art. We have done this in the past and it is so much fun!

 Well, that is all I have for now but check back for my next list of fun summer activities!


  1. Okay, I've decided. Please adopt me for the summer???

    1. could always join us for some of these. ;)

  2. Wow, these look like really fun things to do. I don't know how you pick and choose.

    That sprinkler looks really fun - and really refreshing for a hot summers day!

    The Teepee is awesome!

    I need to do a summer reading list like you. Great idea!

    Thanks for all the great ideas, Joy!

  3. I am loving that watermark tee-shirt idea! I say I'm doing cheap movies every summer, and ALWAYS flake out. Now that Ry is old enough to enjoy them I may take them to the $1.00 movies they're offering in town. The online book club sounds like my kiddos. Can I have the link to that?? ;-)