Saturday, June 22, 2013


Yesterday we went camping. We've been camping here probably as long as we have been homeschooling. It is such a fun family place. They have a huge fishing/swimming lake, zip lines, climbing wall and all kinds of canoes and boats. 

I don't do boats personally and I'm not a big fan of being in the water (except for a hot tub haha) unless I am sitting, taking pictures by the shore. (I do know how to swim though) Both kids are part fish and love the water. Especially Z~girl. It's hard to keep her out. She is a mother hen when A~man is in the water...constantly watching him. 

One of the many things I love about camping is that when we go, hubby and Z like to take over in setting up the campsite and with the cooking. I cannot complain about that. So I get to sit and relax a bit. ;) I am normally in charge of the packing...and cleaning up once we are home with our camping supplies. It all evens out I say. 

(this was breakfast by the the picture above YUMMY)

We only did one night this time but are planning a two night trip very soon. Later in the evening, after Z and I had taken a trip to the restrooms, I came back and A~man was obviously not in a good place. We had finished up dinner and our our dessert, banana boats was over the fire. While we were gone he had also been messing with the fire and getting in trouble.

You cannot really tell from this photo that the A~man is upset. A mama knows. His cheeks are flushed and his neck is splotchy. I asked him what was wrong...and his response? All of those marshmallows mama. You see we do not keep stuff like marshmallows in the house as they will find a way to disappear despite supervision. Every superhero has a nemesis and with Prader-Willie Syndrome, A~man's is marshmallows. Food isn't as big of an issue with A~man as others with this syndrome, but there are still moments, and this was one. I am so thankful he is able to express it to me. Due to circumstances we had two bags of marshmallows on the table and it was upsetting to him. He knew the potential was there, (he had already been caught with a handful by daddy) for him to eat them all. This has happened in the past at home. 

I have a dear young lady friend on Facebook "V" that has PWS. When he told me how upset he was over all of those marshmallows being on the table I thought of her. I remember her saying how much better she felt when she knew food was locked up. It made her feel safe. I told A~man that I would lock up the marshmallows in my backpack (I have a padlock on my backpack that has his medicine in it) in the car so there was no way he could get to them. Then he saw me go do it. Only a parent of someone with PWS (or maybe an adult with it) could understand why a child would repeatedly thank you....for locking up the sweets...that are there tempting him. (or her) YES, I admit this made me tear up. 

Such a different life we live...yet still spectacular. 

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