Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pearson Reading Street


This month we had the opportunity to try out some curriculum from Pearson Homeschool. Their homeschool   products include the core subjects of Math, Science, Social Studies, and Reading/Language Arts for ages K-12th grade. These core subjects are backed up with supplemental materials, lesson plans, and an instructional guide. Each program allows the student to set their own individual pace. The program includes assessment tools so you can see how your child is progressing through the material. This, is from their website-
How do you keep your kids focused and engaged in learning without becoming a nag? Easy. Pearson Homeschool products are loaded with tried and true tactics for keeping students in the groove. You'll find great storytelling lessons, visual learning with videos, game-style drills, and more. Digital and online components let you take advantage of children's natural affinity with technology to accelerate learning and develop their 21st century skills.


 The curriculum we were able to try out was grade 5 Scott Foresman Reading Street.  It includes classic and newer literature in the daily lessons. The instruction includes many appealing activities, and the illustrations  are bright and very eye catching. Each page leaves you wanting to see what is on the next page!
  • Engaging content will motivate your child
  • Reading selections emphasize comprehension, vocabulary, and writing skills
  • Abundance of practice with daily activities, games, quizzes, and reading and writing exercises
  • Six units with six weekly lessons make instruction a breeze 
Each week focuses on one theme and includes learning language arts skills to go along with that theme.  

Each homeschool bundle includes a Student Edition Package, Teacher Resource DVD, Guide on the Side, ExamView Assessment Suite CD, and Parent Guide.
The price for the Reading Street bundle is $124.99. 

I used this with my 10 year old daughter. We have never really used text books in our homeschool so this was a fun way to try it  out and see if it could work for us. What we especially like was the literature! The pieces were handpicked and included beautiful illustrations. I think including the classic literature with the new literature was a great idea. My daughter and I really enjoyed sitting down and reading the stories together. The extensive teachers guide could be really beneficial in putting together the daily lessons. For me though, I have very limited time to read a teachers guide. Even without reading the teachers guide it would be quite easy to formulate a plan. I really think we will continue with this program for the upcoming school year!

I encourage you to check out Pearson Homeschool on their website to see the other curriculum available and visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew to see what others are saying about Pearson's other curriculum.

Disclaimer- I received the Reading Street Homeschool Bundle in exchange for my honest review of the material. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by the company in any way.



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