Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just once...

I would like a friend with kids my children's age, to call and say, "hey can A~man come over and play?" It has NEVER happened. Z is going to a friends house tomorrow to play...that also has a son A's age (although he may be at camp) but I know he wasn't included in the invite. (I do get that Z needs to have time with just girls though) Z gets invited on many playdates and always has. My heart did smile a bit on one of Z's last playdates as the mom said, "Where's A~man??" She had assumed I would bring him...but I wasn't sure. It did make me feel good that she honestly seems to enjoy his presence, and her daughters also.

Today after a movie we ran into a friend that used to belong to a same club that we do. Her son is on the autism spectrum too and seems to genuinely like A~man. He's a couple years older but they seem to really hit it off. A~man made sure to invite him to do something this summer with him. (we have met him and his mom for lunch before) The mom is really nice, I hope he gets invited to do something. We also ran into another homeschool friend (they're everywhere, they're everywhere...those homeschoolers!!) and her son was in Cub Scouts with A~man. A~man asked the mom if he and E could hang out sometime! (the boy was not nearby) My heart would burst with sunshine if this mom called for a playdate especially since her boys are very kindhearted!

Needless to say, I would never just drop him on someone. Either my husband or I would be there, as he does need extra supervision. To all of my homeschool friends out there,or friends with kids period.(most that I do not know in person) If you feel it upon your heart, and know a child with special needs around your own child's age, try getting together with the other mom (or dad!) so your children can play with this "special child". Your child may get more out of it than their new special friend does!


  1. Hey there, I'd love to follow you back! We do have bit in common. I know how heartbreaking lack of invites can be.

  2. Aww....I feel the same way. :( I'm glad I found your blog!! Homeschooling mom of two special needs children here. :) Nice to meet you!!

  3. Thanks for finding my blog you two! I will follow you right back! :)