Sunday, October 30, 2011

Math anxiety

Yes. Even as an adult math can make me break out in a cold smelly sweat. Math anxiety would cause me to almost have to repeat 5th grade. Ironically my husband also almost had to repeat a grade because of math. I ended up going to summer school that summer plus my mom trying her best to get it all to sink in. I sometimes see this with my children. It will seem like they know a concept and the next day *poof* they will have to relearn it. That is how it was with testing for me.  I would study and know it and then completely blank out when it was time for a test. In our home school environment we do not do testing though except for the yearly testing required by the state. So far the kids do not know the anxiety that comes from "TESTS".

For now we are still just learning the basics of math: addition/subtraction/fractions/multiplication/division....but in a couple of years I will have to teach**gulp** algebra. Now I did take algebra in high school and college but that was, ahem, a VERY long time ago. I'm thinking that soon I will have to to do some refresher work in math. Most likely I will have to take an online algebra program to get me up to speed to teach more advanced mathematics.


  1. You'll do just fine because you'll be reviewing it while teaching it. I love math stuff, so feel free to yell if you need to. It's been a long time for me, too, but I play around with math for friends (mortgage stuff, tax stuff, etc.) fairly regularly.

  2. Love those cartoons! :) Perry feels exactly the way the boy in the second cartoon does. Like "why do they keep switching this crud up on me??!!" LOL He really likes geometry but hates Algebra. I hardly have the heart to tell him that there is an "ALGEBRA 2"...sigh.

  3. Hi there...not sure why that is with the traffic...i given audited you for a while and i would only visit when you posted...only once..soaye something is going on with your..or homescchool one of my kids and working at jomescjooling his twin sister thanks for popping by...Xxx