Sunday, October 23, 2011

Art and Music

I must admit that these two subjects are some of our favorite things. We do a lot of art at home and Z~girl has taken art classes a few times over the years with other homeschool children.(art plus socializing-can't get much funner than that!)There is also much to learn about art and music online. We especially love using the skills we have learned and entering exhibits in the state fair. We do shoe box floats,A~man decorates a boot in the special needs category, and we make paintings using acrylic and watercolor. Most years the kids and sometimes myself do some pictures in pencil and colored pencil. It's a fun thing that the kids and I look forward to every year. Oh also yearly the kids and I participate in a sidewalk chalk art contest!

The above drawing Z made was two years ago.

This fabulously colorful one was done by A~man 2 years ago.

This last year we learned through picture books about famous artists and we also love playing this Go Fish game. This year Z and I decided to pick our favorite artist/picture and do it with chalk.

I did Van Gogh's Night Visions.

Z did Senecio by Paul Klee

Both A and Z just this year started music lessons. Z loves playing her violin/fiddle...ultimately she wants to play fiddle but the Suzuki Method she has been taught is fabulous. A~man just started playing the drums and is doing very well with it.

I think the "arts" are a very important part of education. It stimulates your brain like nothing else can. Whether through playing an instrument, creating art, or learning the basics through Art and Music games.
The creative possibilites are limitless!


  1. I hadn't seen your most recent pics from this year, so I'm so glad you shared these!!! You gals have some true artistic talent!!!

  2. Hello! I stumbled across your page while doing a Google search for child created chalk art. I am a business owner in South Kingstown, RI. We are sponsoring a sidewalk chalk art event in October with an anti-bullying theme (October is National Anti-Bullying Month). I'm trying to put together a flyer for the event. I will not be offended if you say no, but may I use one of these images for the flyer? They are beautiful creations. Again, perfectly ok to say no, just figured I would ask! Thanks -E. Gallant

    1. Sure, go for it! As someone that was bullied all through grade school I applaud you! Any chance of you somehow doing a link back to my blog? Or to my friend who sponsors the one we have locally? :D