Tuesday, July 5, 2011

oh what a night...

We have been taking this health product for the last few months with really good results. (I won't tell ya the product as I am NOT trying to sell it to you, hahaha) Anyway my husband IS trying to sell it and goes to several meetings a month...with motivational speakers. HE is an excellent talker and salesman...me? no. Tonight was supposed to be more of a family event so after much talking he convinced me to go. It was at someone's house that I only knew of their name. Their house should could have been on that show "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous". My jaw was on the floor. On their property they had a little "log house cabin" and a whole theatre building which is where the kids were going to watch a movie. lol. If you have read my blog enough you will know I cannot let A~man out of my sight especially in someone else's home. Bad things would happen, hahaha. I knew one lady at the party fairly well as she was my sons PT FOREVER. She met him in the hospital before he even came to live with us. She is an awesome lady. Well evidently unknown to hubby and I (the meetings he went to before were at a certain restaurant) most of the women were dressed as if it were a cocktail party with DRESSES. Me? I was wearing jean capris and glad that I changed into a fairly nice tshirt before we came. I was also glad on this rare day I actually did something with my hair other than pulling it back in a pony tail. I was SOOOOO out of place and wanted to disappear into the seat cushions. AT one point I had to glance and make sure my legs were even shaved.

HONESTLY I would NEVER want to live like that. The people were nice so I am not putting them down. The house was beautiful but so beyond over the top. These are not people I would choose to hang out with and I am sure they would not want to hang out with plain ole me. ;) (OK I am not so plain but in spirit I like things simple) It made me think even more fondly of all of the friends I have that appreciate the simple things like me. I would not trade any of them for what I saw tonight.

Before the meeting the PT friend of ours talked Z into going to watch a movie with her daughter in the theatre building. Five minutes later she was back saying she wanted to stay with us. (while she read her book about the Wright Brothers ahhaha, I have created a book worm) The meeting lasted two HOURS. I felt so bad for the kids. It was an ok speaker but money is not a big motivator for me. I do not have any desire to be rich monetarily. I want to be able to be comfortable and would love one day to be able to help others.

I did get tickled when my hubby's friend afterwards went on and on about how good both A and Z were. They were sooooo good! I do not think I could have been that patient as a child. Tomorrow we are having a special day for them to the game store and to get icecream. I love my family! :)


  1. Now! not not! duh! I'm NOW a new follower...lol! Sorry! I think I typo'd my last comment! Argh! :)

  2. OK, now I'm curious as to what you're taking. lol. I've learned that in this state I'm CONSTANTLY showing up for something only to find out it's totally different than I thought/was told it would be, so you have my sympathy on that part. Only difference is, my legs probably wouldn't have been shaved! lol.

  3. It sounds like you made the best of a somewhat tedious situation. We do the same thing - reward the kids when they are more patient than we could have been in their shoes. :-)

  4. I'm like you....a jeans/tshirt kind of girl....great job by your children! Have a great time tomorrow and thanks for stopping by!