Monday, July 4, 2011

Like the wind

Today for the 4th we went to a church picnic. It was soooo nice. Since coming to NC for one reason or the other we went to BIG churches. I'm shy and tend to get completely lost in big groups. Sometimes I wonder if that was what I was trying to do. This is a small church. I feel God led us to this church and it has caused me to show more of myself as you cannot blend in to the wall at a small church. There are many other reasons I love our new church (we started last fall) but that is not what this blog entry is about.

After the picnic Z and hubby went into the grocery store to get a small pack of fireworks. A~man was COMPLETELY over stimulated to the limit (which happens on holidays) and we stayed in the car. The question he asked me was amazing. This child that was not supposed to walk,talk, or live. He said HOW is Jesus inside of me? How did he get in there. He wanted to know PHYSICALLY how he got in there. This is coming from a very concrete thinker. He wants to know PHYSICALLY how He got in there. He knows the story of Jesus very well and can tell you...infact he obsesses over the whole Easter story. (which is a whole nuther entry) How does someone explain this to an 11 year old that in some cases is more like a 7 year old? I tried to explain it like wind. You can feel it on your face...see it blowing the trees, blowing the clouds, but you cannot SEE wind. But still you know it's there. That's kindof how I feel about God. You can feel his comfort, his guidance, and see his work in your life but you can't actually see a physical THING. He persisted so I'm not sure he got it but hopefully one day he will. Tonight he wrote a note to Jesus.

I wasn't sure what to tell him about that as he put it under his pillow. (reminder to self soon we will have the talk about the tooth fairy, Santa, etc....wish we NEVER would have done all that) Despite his wondering this child has such great faith. If he says he is going to pray for someone HE PRAYS FOR THEM without any prompting. He shows Gods love to EVERYONE around him. He KNOWS God...he just wants more specifics.

When he was a wee little boy...maybe 4-5 and he was starting to put words together he SAW angels on occasion. It was an amazing description especially since at that time he did not know what they were. He brought his daddy to tears one night with his description. (and no he doesn't just "SEE" things)

How do you explain to a child what God IS?? (beyond what you read to them)


  1. oh and I sooo need to update my blog with ages of kids...and some TOS buttons! Tomorrow. :)

  2. You inspire me!!!!! It is beautiful how a child's mind works. We all need to be more like it. I love your example to him of something more concrete! Glad you are back.