Friday, December 3, 2010

This isn't one of those posts....

You know the type. The kind that will give you warm fuzzies and think I am wonderwoman. I AM EXHAUSTED. This week has been rough on me. Honestly besides field trips, daily life skills, pet care, art, reading (ok now I AM making myself feel a bit better ;) we have done no formal homeschooling. I feel like I am in survival mode. Hubby has had to work several late nights and since we share a car that means the kids have stayed up way past their bedtime and it has threw A~man completely out of kilter. The result is a very anxious, jumpy, impatient mama. Sometimes I wish people that knew us could walk a day in my shoes. Now my days are filled with a whole lot of joy (well not so much this week) but even on the best day I feel like a wet sponged drained of any moisture. YIKES even this week I texted my hubby saying I didn't know if I could continue homeschooling. I feel like I get NO breaks, none, nada. On top of that I feel like I am not doing enough "school" or cleaning, or finishing projects I start. I am going to be 100% honest and say the last 3 days have been complete autopilot.

This results in my son's challenges becoming even more pronounced. The autism is in full force this week! He did this years and years ago but he is echoing/ copying every sound he hears. From the sound of his sister walking across the the floor in her boots to my raspy asthma cough. When we are in a store he mimics sounds/phrases from strangers which comes out sounding very disrespectful and mocking. That is just the tip of the iceberg....I do not want to explain the rest. Here's to praying that next week will begin with a more relaxed mama, thus a more relaxed functional son...and a lessed stressed out beautiful redhead.

Leigh if you read this....I am trying my best to kick this elephant off my chest...I hope you are too!!


  1. hon,you do what you need to do in order to get through.I can remember the kids watching movies back to back when I wasnt well and it wasnt that long ago!!
    just breathe.........ok.....breathe..........

    aussie hugs

  2. The "not doing enough" feeling is a never ending struggle, isn't it? Wish I could say something wise and helpful but?? I hope that you are blessed today and have a moment to savor peace.

  3. are definitely being too tough on yourself, gal. We ALL have "those" weeks where our best intentions become lost somewhere under the couch with the dust bunnies and the missing socks. Next week will be better!! And if it isn't, call me and we'll commiserate over coffee!!