Friday, March 5, 2010


I do not talk politics so this isn't concerning our current president. ;)

This week I have felt introspective, quiet, and in a melancholy sort of mood. This isn't like me. This month though I'm pretty certain I'm entering the CHANGE. Most likely it's been going on the last couple years but the GYN has not seen week I have an appt...trying not to worry that it is some other horrid problem...with my infertility issues...most likely it is just a new chapter about to open up. I'm just not ready for it. Geeze...sometimes it's hard not to wonder why that function of my body has never been normal. I will be 40 this summer. My mom had ME when she was 41...I do not admit it freely but was hoping for a last surprise....Oh woe is me. I am so blessed. 

I just looked up the definition of WOE the antonym is my it's time to get over this mindset. Right?

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  1. Since we were born the same year, I'm TRYING not to have a panic attack here. Four long deep breaths. Four short ones. Four long deep breaths.......